Editorial: Not dead yet

What are you doing?

Don’t you have books to read or beers to chug or cute girls in your O-Chem class to hit on?

Why are you reading The Campus? Better yet, why are you reading it online?

Don’t you know that newspapers are dead?

You didn’t realize that? Good, because the Editorial Board of The Campus is planning to be more alive than ever this year.

This collegiate newspaper won’t go down without a fight.

This year, we’re planning to offer you better content than years past, to write the articles you want to read and to answer the questions you really want to ask.

We’ll be creating multimedia content—video, audio, and fresher photos—to better tell you the stories and give you the facts across campus.

We’ll be looking more at the college’s relationship with the city of Meadville, at our campus’ green initiatives and at our tuition and where it goes.

We’ll be tweeting and Facebooking more, so look for breaking updates on everything, down to what lunch meats they’ve started serving in McKinley’s. There will be online polls and prizes offered for your participation.

President Mullen, we’ll be asking you a lot of questions.

The Campus pledges to you, the reader, that we will put out the best possible product for you every week.

We will aim to be readable, by reducing boring jargon and eliminating mistakes to the best of our ability.

Our articles will be as factual as possible, with fewer misquotes and a space for retractions every week near the News Briefs on page two.

Your paper will be informative, and we will write the articles you want to read and offer you the facts that help you navigate the college.

And The Campus will, as always, be fun. We’re not your father’s Wall Street Journal. We don’t expect you to sit down over a cup of coffee every Thursday afternoon, ruffle the pages of The Campus and grumble over the latest stock market collapse.

However much it may seem like we love to write about bedbugs in Ravine or the latest Playshop production, we mostly do this for you.

So we want to hear from our most important readers—you, the Allegheny community—what we can do to make this the best paper for you.

The Campus just acquired a coffee maker, and though the grounds we brew aren’t GFC-caliber, we’d still love for you to stop by, have a cup, and tell us what you want to read in the paper.

Tell us why you hated this editorial, why you loved the piece on recent hires in Athletics, what you’re doing at the Activities Fair, where our article on construction got it wrong, whatever.

This is your campus, and this is your Campus newspaper. In the spirit of Allegheny, make them both your own.