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ASG discusses mental health field day, distributing masks
Hassan Javed, News Writer • April 9, 2021

Allegheny Student Government’s sixth meeting of module brought updates on the CILC Legislation and the water bottle refill initiative With no guest speakers, ASG’s general assembly commenced with cabinet reports at...

ASG discusses senate elections, water bottle refill stations
Hassan Javed, News Writer • April 9, 2021

Allegheny Student Government’s fifth meeting of the module approved plans for the water bottle refill initiative and encouraged participation in cabinet and senate elections. With Director of Sustainability  Kelly Boulton...

Students to be vaccinated in 'mass-vaccination' effort
Bree Gray April 9, 2021

On April 5, Allegheny College Health Agency’s Dr. Gabrielle Morrow announced that Meadville Medical Center is moving to vaccinate all Allegheny College students in the coming weeks. “I am thrilled to announce that (MMC)...

Becca Winton, ’23, takes the brunt of a giant Jenga tower’s collapse at an Egg Hunt hosted in front of Schultz Hall on Saturday, April 3.
Spring is in the air ...
Sami Mirza, Features Editor • April 9, 2021

E-Street Eatery features more than 80 milkshakes to choose from, including these three.
Hangout review: Shakes and fries at E-Street Eatery
Kristen Cadham, Features Writer • April 9, 2021

Last semester, as a new first-year on campus, I did not know where anything was on campus or in Meadville. I could barely memorize the location of my classes, let alone where...

The new punch-card system allows students to get food from multiple stations, rather than have to swipe from each separate station.
Students react to punch card system at Brooks
Jordan Greynolds, Features Editor • April 9, 2021

It is out with the old and in with the new at Brooks Dining Hall. After a semester and then some of students having to use a board meal swipe at each food station they order...

Module 1 brought stress, relieved by module 2
Jah'farri Brown , Contributing writer • April 9, 2021

Truly feeling the draining effects from the first module, module two gave me time to alleviate the stress that seemed to be affecting me. The...

The concept of genre is faltering, and Spotify is here to pick up the slack
Peyton Britt, Opinion editor • April 9, 2021

Genre as a means of categorizing different kinds of music may seem to be a pretty straightforward concept, but its history is more nuanced than...

“The American Dream” is dead, and barely existed to begin with
Kaleigh White, Opinion editor • March 25, 2021

When someone references “the American Dream,” one is often reminded of something we were taught about in elementary school. When learning...

How gut microbiome impacts neurological disorders
Gabriella Brady, Science/International Writer • March 26, 2021

Recent animal studies have shown that the gut microbiome plays a key role in aspects of neurodevelopment, neuroinflammation and behavior, but...

Understanding the risk posed by COVID-19 variants
George Ackerman, Science/International Editor • March 26, 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic has progressed, there have been mutations to the virus which have caused variants of the disease, and scientists are...

Perseverance rover has safely landed on Mars
George Ackerman, Science/International Editor • March 12, 2021

A new rover has landed in Jezero Crater on Mars as part of the Mars 2020 mission. The rover, named “Perseverance,” is on a mission to...

Shipments worldwide affected by Suez Canal Blockage
Gabriella Brady, Science/International Writer • April 9, 2021

Ever Given, a large transportation vessel, has been moved from its position in the Suez Canal after grounding there nearly two weeks ago.  When the ship first grounded,...

Repression of Myanmar anti-coup protests intensifies
George Ackerman, Science/International Editor • April 9, 2021

Repression of protests against a military-backed coup in Myanmar have been escalating over the past months, according to reports from the Assistance Association for Political...

Rockets Fired on U.S. military base in Iraq
Gabriella Brady, Science/International Writer • March 18, 2021

Following a drone attack in the Baghdad International Airport in early January 2020 that resulted in the death of Qassim Suleimani, the commander of Iranian forces, tensions...

Baylor wins first national title as March Madness concludes
Jake Petti, Sports Writer • April 9, 2021

The NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournaments concluded on April 5, as the Baylor University Bears beat the Gonzaga Bulldogs, winning...

Allegheny allows fans to return to stands at athletic events
Adam Cohen, Sports Editor • April 9, 2021

Allegheny recently announced that students, faculty and staff can attend sporting events for the first time since the start of the pandemic....

The Men’s Basketball team plays their first game of the season against Penn State Altoona on Friday, March 19, 2021, at the James H. Mullen Arena.
Allegheny Basketball sweeps first weekend back on court
Jake Petti, Sports Writer • March 26, 2021

After over a year without intercollegiate competition, the Allegheny men’s and women’s basketball teams became the first to don the blue...

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