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Members of Hilary Links cabinet sit in between the ASG Cabinets dais and the ASG Senate prior to the Nov. 16 General Assembly
Link, cabinet face tough questions at General Assembly
Sami Mirza, News Editor • November 21, 2021

Students packed room 301/302 of the Henderson Campus Center Tuesday night to hear President Hilary Link and six of her cabinet members field questions from the student body in a tense session of the Allegheny Student Government...

Maria Foxall head of Brooks Dining Hall and Pine Market, speaks to students ahead of a tour of the dining hall’s kitchen on Monday, Nov. 8. The tour was one of six conducted over the last week and was designed to give students insight into the, “back of the house”: all the operations that bring food to the various stations at Brooks.”There is so much that goes on behind our doors that we never talk about,” Foxall said.
Feeding Allegheny
Sami Mirza, News Editor • November 11, 2021

ASG votes to fund new green boxes
Evelyn Zavala, News Editor • November 11, 2021

The Allegheny Student Government began its general assembly with cabinet reports that brought announcements about this year’s annual energy challenge. ASG commenced this week’s General Assembly at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday,...

Pittsburgh  folk group ventures to Meadville
Pittsburgh folk group ventures to Meadville
Mo Mansour, Features Editor • November 11, 2021

For a long time America has been called the “The Great Melting Pot,” a nickname that has fallen out of style in recent years with the implication being all the unique...

Poster contributed by Mary Dosch
Poster for “Bourbon at the Border,” which opened in the Gladys Mullenix Black Theatre on Thursday, Nov. 11.
“Bourbon at the Border”
Jordan Greynolds, Features Editor • November 11, 2021

Allegheny’s Playshop Theatre will present Pearl Cleage’s “Bourbon at the Border” under the direction of guest director Terrence Spivey. The production’s cast is...

Kai’s Catastrophic Comic
Kai Maries, Contributing Cartoonist • November 11, 2021

US and China's trading war
Jacob Anderson and MacKenzie Campbell November 29, 2021

As of right now, China is getting a very big lead in the trading war for operations and intellectual property theft. Many countries more like...

China's Rise: the American response
Ryan Sickenberger, Dylan Kresak, and Isaiah Kirkpatrick-Zuppa November 29, 2021

Over the past several decades, China has significantly grown its economy and military and has become a very powerful authoritarian state. With...

"You" season three: convoluted charisma
Sofia Hassan, Contributing writer • November 5, 2021

Editor’s note: Content warning: discussion of themes of substance abuse, domestic abuse, sexual assault, stalking, murder and suicide. This...

Combination drug therapy on antibiotic resistance
Gabriella Brady, Science/International Editor • November 11, 2021

There are times when white blood cells in the immune system are able to harm the bacteria responsible for infections, yet there are other times...

A microscope image of a tardigrade. Tardigrades, also known as water bears or moss piglets, are typically 1 nanometer but can be even smaller in size.
Student tests osmotic stress tolerance in tardigrades
Gabriella Brady, Science/International Editor • November 11, 2021

Tardigrades, also known as water bears or moss piglets, are microscopic organisms that are typically 1 nanometer — 0.04 inches — but can...

Tuskless elephants evolving rapidly due to poaching
Tuskless elephants evolving rapidly due to poaching
Gabby Brady, Science/International Editor • October 28, 2021

One of the most distinguishing features  of an elephant is their tusks. For thousands of years, these tusks were used to help in digging, lifting...

Students fill the Gator Quad for inagural Rocktoberfest on Oct. 14. Trivia, depicted here, was one of the many activities attendees had the chance to participate in.
'Rocktoberfest' rolls onto the quad
Peyton Britt, Opinion Editor • October 22, 2021

The Department of Languages and World Cultures held Allegheny’s first-ever Rocktoberfest on Oct. 14 in the Gator Quad. The event — modeled after a German rock festival...

Missionaries abducted in Haiti
Gabriella Brady, Science/International Editor • October 22, 2021

Earlier this month, 17 missionaries from both the United States and Canada, some of whom were minors, were abducted by a gang in Haiti, according to CNN. As they were being...

International students experience Allegheny living for first time
Oleksandra Shafran, Contributing Writer • September 17, 2021

This year is special for Allegheny College international students. Due to COVID-19, some of them were not able to live on campus and experience life in a different country....

The womens cross country team celebrates their North Coast Athletic Conference title on Oct. 30 in Springfield, Ohio.
Cross Country wins three awards in NCAC Championship
Adam Cohen, Sports Editor • November 12, 2021

Head coach Ben Mourer, ’07, and runners Megan Aaron, ’23, and Emma Wall, ’24, all won awards in the North Coast Athletic Conference Championship...

Volleyball falls to Depauw in NCAC Tournament
Jake Petti, Sports Writer • November 12, 2021

The Allegheny volleyball team fell to DePauw in the first round of the NCAC tournament 3-0. The season concluding game was the first conference...

Lex Caldwell, 23, directs traffic during Alleghenys 65-58 victory over Penn State Altoona on Wednesday, Nov. 10.
Men’s and women’s basketball begins fall season
Adam Cohen, Sports Editor • November 12, 2021

The men’s and women’s basketball teams played their first games this week to open up the 2021-22 season. The men’s team defeated Fredonia...

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