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Phan released by judge

Angela Mauroni, News Editor

October 22, 2015

Luong Phan, a previous student at Allegheny College, has been sentenced for making terroristic threats against other students at the college via Facebook on Dec. 9, 2014. Phan spent almost two months in jail during his legal ...

Update: Former student in custody for disturbing Facebook posts

Christina Bryson, News Editor

November 25, 2014

Dean of Students Joseph DiChristina sent out a campus wide email on Sunday, Nov. 23, addressing concerns about "disturbing" Facebook threats allegedly posted by Luong Phan, a former Allegheny student. According to DiChristina,...

ASG hosts ‘Confessions’ discussion

October 18, 2013

By PASQUALE DIFRANCESCO Contributing Writer [email protected]   More than 60 students gathered in the Grounds for Change coffee shop on Oct. 3 for an open discussion on the controversial “Allegheny Co...

‘Day of Peace’ a ridiculous hipster holiday

March 11, 2011

  By Katie McHugh [email protected] On March 4, hipsters and hipster sympathizers everywhere united for "a day of peace" much to the annoyance of normal people, cool people and people who properly capitalize words. They want to create as big an impact...

Social networks may negatively affect employment

March 11, 2011

By KATRINA TULLOCH [email protected] Michael Babeji,’11, applied for an internship as a camp counselor specializing in psychology working with children with autistic disorders at a large company in the western Pennsylv...

Allegheny enters the Twittersphere

September 8, 2010

7 hours, 1 minute, and 41 seconds. That’s the time an average user will spend on browsing each month, according to a recent study by Nielsen Media Research. Add Facebook’s 500 million-user base, and the 75 million...

Laptop usage in class sparks campus debate

September 8, 2010

By ALI MALIK and SAM HUNGERFORD [email protected] [email protected] The steadily increasing number of students who bring laptops to class in place of pens and notebooks has sparked a new debate between professors, students,...

Keep on creepin' on

September 1, 2010

A new year. A fresh start. Recycled bags all the way from China and quirky little license plate T-shirts distinguish a whole new class of freshmen. As the cranky old people we are, we’d like to ramble about the old days. ...

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