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    Al Coppolo '78Apr 22, 2024 at 7:28 am

    As an Economics major and Sociology minor from 1974 to 1978, I lived in Quigley Hall. Its atmosphere and charm exude from every classroom, office, hall, stairwell, and auditorium. I defended my Comp in what was the faculty lounge at the west-end of the second floor. I recall a large brick fireplace and a very expansive open space that welcomed conversation and debate. Saturday morning Macroeconomics 101 with Professor Ainsworth in the auditorium was a test of stamina and fortitude for any freshman intending to climb the ladder in Economics. To this day, every trip I make to campus entails a pilgrimage back to this 1950’s icon of art deco architecture.

    Over the years Allegheny has invested significantly in rejuvenating its historic and aging architecture. Cochran, Ford, Bentley, Carr, Carnegie, Pelletier, and the Campus Center. In almost every case, the college has paid appropriate homage to each building’s historic roots while updating it to best-practice functionality. With the prospects of renovating Brooks, Reis, and Quigley on the drawing board, it will be exciting to see how the college re-imagines these spaces while highlighting and hopefully amplifying their historic roots. Allegheny retains the personality of its legacy and yet has modernized itself to meet the advantages of new technologies and state of the art capabilities – nice job!