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Departing Allegheny President Jim Mullen reflects on special affinity for athletics

Willy Walker, Sports Editor

April 25, 2019

As Allegheny College prepares for the inauguration of President-elect Hilary Link on July 1, the athletics and fitness department must say goodbye to one of its biggest supporters: President Jim Mullen. Director of Athletics...

The Mullen family poses for a Christmas photograph in 2017.

A gator love story

February 14, 2019

Men’s basketball triumphs over Wabash

Olivia Blakeslee, Sports Editor

February 7, 2019

When Allegheny Men’s Basketball Head Coach Bob Simmons addressed visiting trustees ahead of the Gator’s Feb. 1 game against the Wabash Little Giants, he was frank about the challenge of facing a team ranked 14 in the nation for Division III men’...

Allegheny Student Government receives update from administration, learns possible changes to school policy

Lauren Trimber, Senior News Editor

March 1, 2018

Allegheny Student Government held its weekly meeting in Grounds for Change to provide a new venue more visible to constituents on Tuesday, Feb. 27. Allegheny College President James Mullen visited the meeting to discuss the college...

College continues to make strides toward carbon neutrality

Marley Parish and Ellis Giacomelli

November 9, 2017

Although the 2017 Energy Challenge has come to an end, Allegheny College students, staff and administrators have not stopped in their efforts to continue on the path of making the school more sustainable and energy efficient. Alleghen...

Mullen and Petula look to the future at weekly ASG meeting

Lauren Trimber, News Editor

November 9, 2017

Allegheny Student Government discussed the Allegheny Strategic Action Plan during their meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 7. Allegheny College President James Mullen and Executive Vice President Eileen Petula visited ASG to explain the p...

College initiates Phase I of Action Plan for Diversity

Amanda Spadaro, Co-Editor-in-Chief

February 5, 2015

Released to the campus community at large on Jan. 23 was Allegheny’s Action Plan for Diversity and Inclusion, Phase I, designed to make the community a safer, more inclusive and diverse community by addressing concerns voic...

Letter from the president

September 4, 2014

Mullen addresses significance of Allegheny College’s bicentennial celebration  James Mullen Contributing Writer [email protected]  With our first week of classes complete, the Allegheny campus community has b...

Editorial: Not dead yet

August 27, 2010

What are you doing? Don’t you have books to read or beers to chug or cute girls in your O-Chem class to hit on? Why are you reading The Campus? Better yet, why are you reading it online? Don’t you know that newspapers are...

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