Capitol riots are further evidence that the US is a failing state

I often hesitate to make sweeping generalizations morally condemning groups of people for the simple logical reality that such statements can be entirely undermined by a single exception. Given the horrific present reality of the United States Capitol building having been broken into by “protesters” holding the absolutely moronic idea that Trump won the 2020 election, however, I can definitively say that every single person taking part in this act of terrorism are f—ing idiots. 

This s— is both heartbreaking and infuriating, particularly in light of the unnecessarily brutal, definitively violent police reaction experienced by a number of those who, just over the summer, peacefully protested against the many Black lives wrongfully taken in our country. Literal thousands of people — including children — were tear gassed, beaten, shot with nonlethal projectiles and otherwise subjected to militaristic cruelty by the police in the very same city where the very same police are now acting as they they are powerless to stop a gaggle of idiot losers from entering a literal government building. According to a tweet made by the Public Citizens account, there were 14,000 arrests at George Floyd protests. 

The differences between protests relating to the Black Lives Matter movement and the events that have occurred at the Capitol are myriad, but let us not forget that the killing of George Floyd — and far too many others to list, unfortunately — actually happened, whereas this purported election fraud is nothing more than a delusion planted in the minds of the weak by the fascist idiot who did not even manage to get the popular vote in the 2016 election.

Many of us are at least somewhat familiar with the concept of white privilege, but what is happened at the Capitol is a distillation of how grossly and directly the police reinforce it on a daily basis, proving definitively that the Constitutional “right of the people peaceably to assemble” included an invisible asterisk — denoting that by “people,” the founders only meant white people. The line between white privilege and white power is ever the more indistinct. 

I am not sure if these people who broke into the Capitol even have any sort of coherent values anymore. Prior to the infiltration of the Capitol building, I would have said that they valued bootlicking, racism and hatred at the very least. As these rioting protestors fight against the very police they purport to worship, however, I am beginning to think they are merely so entirely morally and intellectually void that they would not even know what to do with themselves if they did not just fill their skulls with Trump’s putrid garbage in the loose form of “values.” I mean, think about it: even Mitch McConnell’s bitch ass, a term which here serves to subvert conventional gender and partisan symbolism involving animals,  has figured by now that it is time to pony up and accept the election results. 

Frankly, I cannot truthfully say that the events which unfolded on Capitol Hill surprised me —  feeding absolutely sodden-witted idiots hateful bulls— for four years is bound to precipitate some sort of action, especially since they can be confident that the police who are technically supposed to put down this sort of insurgence are on their side. 

What’s more is that Joe Biden has the audacity to tweet the following: “America is so much better than what we’re seeing today.” Excuse me? When? Where? No the hell it is not! He should know better, what with the fact that he himself is literally documented as having been against desegregation, that this entire country is founded on institutional racism. United States history books are bloodied with centuries-worth of Black pain and tears and suffering — suffering that has been utterly ceaseless since the nation’s conception. America is not better than what happened at the Capitol —  America is what happened at the Capitol. 

 Although I recognize that the storming of the Capitol is surely historic in the conventional sense, I cannot help but be so deeply angry that a few handfuls of white idiots are even taking up this much space in my brain. I just know that in the coming days — perhaps even weeks — news channels and social media outlets will be absolutely clogged with this utter absurd, violent, dystopian poppycock. All the while, Black folks will continue to forcibly live with the reality that those same cops facing the violent troupe of criminals quartered in the Capitol building would not hesitate to shoot them in broad daylight for minor traffic violations, or selling cigarettes, or holding a toy sword, or wearing a hoodie, or literally just sleeping in their own damn homes. 

I fancy myself a decent writer, but never in my life will I have the words to express the immense shame and disgust I have for this country for its perpetual abuse and mistreatment of people of color. The stark contrast between how police reacted to protests in defense of Black lives versus how they are reacting to the infiltration of the Capitol building can absolutely not be ignored. Let us not forget that the latter has come in defense of an idiot fascist loser; even the rejection of the election results by itself is inherently unconstitutional. Of course, I do not put much stock in the Constitution myself —  just burn this whole government of this “shithole country,” to reappropriate the words of our president, to the goddamn ground already. Little of value would be lost.