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Peyton Britt, Opinion Editor

Peyton Britt is a senior philosophy major with a double minor in English and political science. This is her third and final semester serving as the Campus' Opinion Editor. In her free time, she can be found reading a book, watching anime, playing Stardew Valley, or, most ideally, hanging out with many, many cats.

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What does it mean to “be yourself”?

Peyton Britt, Opinion editor November 5, 2021

“Be yourself” is good advice, given the fact that it is impossible to do otherwise — everyone else is already taken, and you are, by definition, yourself, regardless of how you change over time or...

Creations and their creators: the fundamental division

Peyton Britt, Opinion editor October 22, 2021

Life is filled to the brim with creativity. An innumerable number of things are created on a daily basis; these are creations. People are creators. I am of the belief that these three things — creativity,...

Students fill the Gator Quad for inagural Rocktoberfest on Oct. 14. Trivia, depicted here, was one of the many activities attendees had the chance to participate in.

‘Rocktoberfest’ rolls onto the quad

Peyton Britt, Opinion Editor October 22, 2021

The Department of Languages and World Cultures held Allegheny’s first-ever Rocktoberfest on Oct. 14 in the Gator Quad. The event — modeled after a German rock festival — offered students the opportunity...

Policing: ceaseless brutality

Peyton Britt, Opinion editor October 8, 2021

Content warning: mention of violent sexual assault, police brutality In New York City’s Union Square on Oct. 3, a statue of George Floyd — which had just been unveiled days earlier — was vandalized....

Actions don’t speak louder than words

Peyton Britt, Opinion editor October 1, 2021

“Actions speak louder than words” is an expression that is so commonly used, its truth also seems self-evident. We might paraphrase it to mean something like this: if you claim to have one particular...

This is the Kool Aid Man riding a skateboard.

The Kool Aid Man: is he the glass pitcher or the Kool Aid itself?

Peyton Britt, Opinion editor September 24, 2021

One of my favorite things about philosophy is that despite its reputation as a highly academic, practically useless discipline focusing on questions whose answers will never be found, it is actually a...

One of Peytons finger-painted masterpieces

Fidgeting, play and keeping the imagination young

Peyton Britt, Opinion Editor September 3, 2021

I spent a lot of time watching my one-year-old niece this summer, during which I estimate we watched "Lilo and Stitch" no less than several dozen times. There were a few other movies in the regular mix...

How OnlyFans’ plan to ban porn is a threat to us all

Peyton Britt, Opinion Editor August 27, 2021

On Aug. 19, OnlyFans, the online subscription based service best known for hosting adult content, announced that it will ban “sexually explicit content” from its site. The changes in content guidelines...

The value of cliches in spoken word

Peyton Britt, Opinion editor April 30, 2021

Both in writing and in speech, the use of cliches is often discouraged. Aphorisms such as “love is blind” are an oversimplification of the multifaceted nuances of love as an abstract concept. To call...

The concept of genre is faltering, and Spotify is here to pick up the slack

Peyton Britt, Opinion editor April 9, 2021

Genre as a means of categorizing different kinds of music may seem to be a pretty straightforward concept, but its history is more nuanced than you might think.  Without going into great detail, it...

Children’s game, or propaganda?

Peyton Britt, Opinion Editor March 19, 2021

I have many fond childhood memories of being in the school’s computer lab in elementary and middle school and, if I was lucky enough to have finished my work early, hopping onto Cool Math Games for some...

A fat cat is sleeping, outstretched, with his large belly on full display.

Fat cats: lesser-known baby boomers

Peyton Britt, Opinion Editor March 12, 2021

I am a cat mother to an absolutely gorgeous, yet unfortunately immensely overweight fellow named Gus. Chances are that you know others, perhaps even yourself, who have fat cats, as more than half (59%,...

Teaching critical thinking in public schools

Peyton Britt, Opinion Editor March 5, 2021

As I begin to study for the Law School Admission Test, a test which focuses almost exclusively on one’s ability to reason well and identify flaws in reasoning, I have found myself strangely entertained...

A very plump house cat gazes at a Christmas tree.

Life lessons from a lovely, lazy loaf of a cat

Peyton Britt, Opinion editor February 25, 2021

If you know me at all, you know that I absolutely adore my cat. I talk about him, at length, at just about any given opportunity. From his sparkling, peridot eyes, to his snow-white chin, his berry red...

How to locate silver linings in our world, as explained by a field mouse

Peyton Britt, Opinion editor January 29, 2021

This past year was a beast; to enumerate each of its ugly parts would be redundant and thus a waste of my time. If I may hold your attention for a short while, I entreat you to allow me to offer you some...

Capitol riots are further evidence that the US is a failing state

Peyton Britt, Opinion editor January 12, 2021

I often hesitate to make sweeping generalizations morally condemning groups of people for the simple logical reality that such statements can be entirely undermined by a single exception. Given the horrific...

McConnell’s hands are not the problem; his evil is

Peyton Britt, Opinion editor January 8, 2021

Mitch McConnell, Kentucky senator and Senate majority leader, is a soulless, morally corrupt villain, deserving of every single mote of political vitriol and criticism that has come his way following his...

Why you don’t need to filter your donations through corporations

Peyton Britt, Opinion Editor November 12, 2020

As temperatures drop and the Christmas season approaches, we will all see more public efforts to encourage donating goods such as toys, nonperishable food items and winter clothing to the less fortunate....

Why I want cozy campus cops

Peyton Britt, Opinion editor November 5, 2020

An Oct. 9 Campus article titled “Public safety incident escalates, local police get involved” reported that the first step in Public Safety’s protocol regarding use of force is to arrive at the scene...

US commits human rights atrocities at ICE detention facility

Peyton Britt, Opinion editor October 16, 2020

Dawn Wooten, a nurse employed at Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Irwin County Detention Center in Georgia, recently lodged a formal complaint revealing the appalling treatment of female detainees. Appalling...

Attention, please, Allegheny administration: an open letter to you

Peyton Britt, Opinion editor October 8, 2020

To all administrators at Allegheny College: I am tired of your emails. “Tired” is actually somewhat of an understatement — I am beyond exasperation, somewhere into the realm of infuriation, and I...

Why I feel morally justified laughing at Trump getting COVID-19

Peyton Britt, Opinion editor October 8, 2020

On Oct. 2, President Trump revealed that both he and First Lady Melania Trump have contracted COVID-19. As is to be expected, people immediately took to social media to express their opinions about the...

A critical perspective on golf

Peyton Britt, Opinion editor October 8, 2020

In the Sept. 11 issue of The Campus, I wrote extensively about the environmental harms of grass lawns, and somewhat less extensively about the ostentatious bourgeois wastefulness and patriarchal white...

Reassessing censorship

Peyton Britt, Opinion editor October 2, 2020

The word “censorship” is laden with negative connotations, bringing to mind dystopian threats to the right to freedom of speech and expression. Allowing censorship in a society can absolutely open...

Could polyamorous relationships mitigate the shortcomings of the nuclear family?

Peyton Britt, Opinion editor September 18, 2020

The standard picture of the American nuclear family comes with predetermined roles for each of its members: a male father serves as the breadwinner and head of the family, a female mother tends to the...

“Salad Fingers” and absurdity

Peyton Britt, Opinion editor September 18, 2020

Having the attention span of a caffeinated squirrel, I seldom feel capable of sitting for the entirety of a feature-length film. Because of this, I used to internally sigh when I am asked what my favorite...

The writer cannot be removed from the writing

Peyton Britt, Opinion editor September 14, 2020

We, as a society, consider objectivity an ideal for good journalism. Facts should be presented without bias, not allowing the journalist to take a particular side or push a certain agenda. Information...

The nuances of a well-manicured lawn

Peyton Britt, Opinion editor September 14, 2020

For many, the American dream calls to mind an image of 1.5 kids and a golden retriever playing catch within the confines of a white picket fence, the fresh-cut grass beneath them hardly longer than a child’s...

Resuming Campus Living

Peyton Britt, Opinion Editor September 4, 2020

The decision to reopen the college, despite the ongoing and unpredictable pandemic we are experiencing, is insensitive to the disproportionate risk it poses for people of color and the working class. Allegheny’s...

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