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US commits human rights atrocities at ICE detention facility

Peyton Britt, Opinion editor

October 16, 2020

Dawn Wooten, a nurse employed at Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Irwin County Detention Center in Georgia, recently lodged a formal complaint revealing the appalling treatment of female detainees. Appalling is an unde...

Why I feel morally justified laughing at Trump getting COVID-19

Peyton Britt, Opinion editor

October 8, 2020

On Oct. 2, President Trump revealed that both he and First Lady Melania Trump have contracted COVID-19. As is to be expected, people immediately took to social media to express their opinions about the matter. These opinions rang...

A critical perspective on golf

Peyton Britt, Opinion editor

October 8, 2020

In the Sept. 11 issue of The Campus, I wrote extensively about the environmental harms of grass lawns, and somewhat less extensively about the ostentatious bourgeois wastefulness and patriarchal white supremacist ideas underlyi...

Democrats are poised to underestimate Trump on the campaign trail — again

Shane Ostrom, Opinion Editor

April 20, 2019

2020 is just around the corner and has the potential to bring with it the most absurd, unconventional and dangerous presidential campaigning the United States has ever seen. It is no secret Donald Trump will stoop to incredi...

The state of the union is still too divided

Emma Godel, Staff Writer

February 1, 2018

On Tuesday, Jan. 30, President Donald Trump extended an olive branch to the Democratic Party and other opposition voices during his first State of the Union address. After a year of intense polarization, Trump asked both left and ri...

Hard hits: Football and politics clash

Ian McKeown, Contributing Writer

September 28, 2017

It all started with a small gesture made by a second -string quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers in August of 2016. When Colin Kaepernick kneeled during the national anthem, no one could have guessed it would garner so much a...

Trump’s plans for healthcare remain at a standstill

Matthew Steinberg, Contributing Writer

April 6, 2017

The 2016 presidential election displayed how polarized our nation’s politics have become, as Democrats and Republicans have failed to find common ground on many issues. As polarization is most certainly an issue with our govern...

Attorney addresses students on Trump’s executive order

Chris Brindle, Junior News Editor

February 9, 2017

Attorney Lawrence Lebowitz, the chair of the immigration group at Cohen & Grigsby, a Pittsburgh law firm, came to Allegheny College on Tuesday, Feb. 7, to meet with students, staff and faculty about the implications of Pres...

Super Bowl goes Gaga

Shea Beaumont, Opinion Editor

February 9, 2017

Despite the hype around Super Bowl LI’s sacred political commercials, I decided to remain tuned in for the extra entertainment of the halftime show. Although I was intrigued by a few commercials, I was absolutely blown away by t...

College holds discussion on executive orders

Alex Weidenhof, News Editor

February 2, 2017

Allegheny College students, faculty and administrators gathered in the Pelletier Collaboratory at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 1, to discuss implications of President Donald Trump’s recent executive orders on immigration and the co...

Populism led to Donald Trump’s presidential victory

Alex Weidenhof, News Editor

February 2, 2017

President Donald Trump was elected by running on a campaign of populism—that is, promising to empower middle America. Yet, despite some significant accomplishments of populists, it is necessary to remember the long—and so...

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