Dining hall changes

On Tuesday, Sept. 8, Allegheny’s Dining Services hosted a Zoom meeting to discuss the current state of Allegheny College dining services. During this meeting, students were welcome to attend and ask various questions. Stephanie Lang, general manager of Parkhurst, Sarah Foxell who manages Brooks, and Mary Tridel who manages McKinleys ran the meeting. Also Jason Snavley – Retail Chef de Cuisine. 

Question 1# Will the all you can eat buffet style of Brooks ever return?

Brooks is trying to adapt a more “retail feel.” This also helps with the no touch protocol to protect the student body. But this new system is likely here to stay, but things are most likely going to change overtime to accommodate the students wants & needs.

Question 2# Will McKinleys ever start offering breakfast again?

Unfortunately, not the old fashioned way. There are breakfast options available at the smoothie bar, but they have decided to shift away from breakfast — at least for the time being. There will also be snacks available at the West Alcove of Shultz Hall in the morning hours. 

Question 3# How allergy safe is the new McKinleys?

The new McKinley’s options are nut free and they practice extensive precautions to prevent cross contamination. The only place that serves any kinds of nuts is the salad bar, offering almonds as an option. The staff uses a special scooper to distribute this option to prevent cross contamination so this should be as safe as reasonably possible if you have a nut allergy. Brooks is not completely peanut and tree nut free, but detailed ingredient lists are available upon request.

Question #4 “What about late night McKinleys?”

McKinleys offers pizza and other deals until midnight on weekends in Smoothie Street. This is an extension of the quick packaged snacks and other provisions usually available there. There is also a plan to open the West Alcove for food both late at night and early in the morning. 

Question #5 “What happened to the reusable green boxes?”

Due to health concerns, these containers are no longer available for the time being. General Manager Stephanie Lang made the comment: “We cannot take any risk to expose our staff or the student body to the virus, but we are certainly sad to see them go.”