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Science Cafe hosts panel on COVID-19 and vaccines

Christopher Wakim, News Editor March 26, 2021

The second Science Cafe of the year was held on March 18 covering COVID-19 and vaccine information. Biology Chair and Professor of Biochemistry Tricia Humphreys and Professor of Biology and Global Health...

Suspect arraigned in the 2019 Ravine-Narvik sexual assault case

Bree Gray and Christopher Wakim March 11, 2021

Trigger Warning: sexual assault, gun violence, rape A 28-year-old suspect was arraigned on March 5 in the Ravine-Narvik Hall sexual assault case. Montelle Brown of Meadville was charged with the...

Campus-wide quarantine extended until further notice

Christopher Wakim, News Editor March 5, 2021

UPDATE March 11, 9:25 p.m.: In an email to the campus community, on March 5, Allegheny College Health Agency’s Gabrielle Morrow announced that the campus-wide quarantine has ended. “We are not...

College provides synthetic ice rink for students to skate during quarantine

Christopher Wakim and Hassan Javed March 5, 2021

A portion of the Henderson Campus Center’s upper parking lot has been transformed into an ice skating rink available to students free of charge until Sunday, March 7.  Much like the rink from Winterfest...

Montelle Brown, the 29-year-old Meadville man who raped a student at gunpoint in 2019, was sentenced to 13 to 40 years in prison Tuesday. Brown will also be required to register as a sexual offender for life and face 12 months of probation when released.

Suspect apprehended for the 2019 armed rape at Ravine

Bree Gray and Christopher Wakim February 25, 2021

Trigger warning: Sexual assault, violence, rape A suspect has been charged with the armed rape of an Allegheny College student that occurred in Ravine-Narvik Hall in December 2019.  Montelle Brown,...

CILC organizations celebrate Black History Month

Christopher Wakim, News Editor February 25, 2021

February is Black History Month, which focuses on celebrating Black culture and the experiences and history of the Black community.  Throughout Black History Month, several student organizations such...

Fear and Loathing in 2020

Christopher Wakim, Features Editor November 12, 2020

This foul year of two thousand and twenty. This year could be the start of a fantastic decade of human evolution, and 2020 will still leave a bad taste in my mouth throughout. Oh, to go back to New Year’s...

Christmas at Nakatomi Plaza

Christopher Wakim, Features Editor November 6, 2020

Here we are again. That strange purgatory between Halloween and Christmas. And yes, Thanksgiving is tossed somewhere in the middle of this mix. I would implore you to find a proper Thanksgiving movie if...

The WARC Studio in the Henderson Campus Center. Due to FCC regulations, the station has only been broadcasting during students’ shows

WARC returns with antenna difficulties and new health protocols

Christopher Wakim, Features Editor October 29, 2020

WARC — a volunteer-based radio station run exclusively by students — has been broadcasting to the general Meadville area since 1964. Listeners tuning into WARC these days often find radio silence if...

Bonnie & Clyde – A Classic Love Story

Christopher Wakim, Features Editor October 22, 2020

Finding myself locked in my humble box for the Corona-education has left me with an unhealthy amount of boredom in simply focusing on my studies and other responsibilities. So I decided, what better course...

‘More than just a fit’ — D.R.I.P. celebrates its first year

Christopher Wakim, Features Editor October 15, 2020

A program on campus is looking to increase the diversity of Allegheny’s Greek Life organizations. The President of the Diversity Representation & Inclusion Program, Abdikadir Lugundi ’20, described...

Latinas on the Rise celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Bree Gray and Christopher Wakim October 8, 2020

Latinas on the Rise is a student organization dedicated to empowering Latinx individuals on campus as well as creating a safe space for Latinas. “(Latinas on the Rise) is dedicated to the entrancement...

‘Bioscientific Imaginaries’

Christopher Wakim and Sami Mirza October 2, 2020

On Sept. 15, the Allegheny art galleries opened its newest exhibit titled, “Bioscientific Imaginaries.” Displaying art in the genre of, “Bio Art,” which, as the name suggests, are biological-themed...

The college addresses Gator Pledge and campus quarantine controversy

Christopher Wakim and Bree Gray September 25, 2020

The college has implemented new safety protocols, including the Gator Pledge, which made national news after President Hilary Link allegedly violated the protocols by attending a soccer game on Sept....

Dining hall changes

Christopher Wakim, Features Editor September 18, 2020

On Tuesday, Sept. 8, Allegheny’s Dining Services hosted a Zoom meeting to discuss the current state of Allegheny College dining services. During this meeting, students were welcome to attend and ask...

Beat Pennsylvania winter by exploring Meadville streets

Christopher Wakim, Contributing Writer February 21, 2020

During the blistering Meadville winter, it’s easy to see why one could catch an awful case of cabin fever. Couple that with the small campus size, and the combined two options for dining out, and it...

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