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Just the Tips

ReproCo, Columnist March 9, 2017

Let me begin with this: you cannot stop eating. Restriction, binging and purging; none of it will make you lose weight. You may lose water weight. You will not, however, keep any of that weight off, or...

Just the Tips

ReproCo, Columnist February 9, 2017

In light of the country’s new administration, women’s health services have become increasingly hard to find. With the constant debate of “do we or don’t we” defund Planned Parenthood, and the...

Just the tips

ReproCo, Columnist November 18, 2016

Though countless apps and sites exist to introduce people to new partners, it seems like few places on the internet dedicate themselves to helping existing couples stay together and learn new things about...

Just the tips: Bedroom, bondage and boundaries

ReproCo, Columnist October 27, 2016

In its simplest form, a relationship between a dominant and a submissive is one where there is an established power dynamic, with one person directing the actions of the other. This kind of relationship...

Just the Tips

ReproCo, Columnist September 22, 2016

BDSM stands for bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism. In a situation where BDSM is at play, the most important thing is consent. Consent is the only thing that differentiates BDSM from abuse; plain...

Just The Tips: What do to when you want the nudes

ReproCo, Contributing Writer November 19, 2015

There is so much controversy when it comes to the topic of sharing sexy photos, especially if the photos are of one’s nude body. Some people feel uncomfortable with sharing such intimate pictures of...

Just the tips: The complicated etiquette of sexting

ReproCo, Contributing Writer October 1, 2015

       Many of us have received a subtle start up sext. What is an appropriate sexting protocol and how do we navigate the late night texts of “What’re you wearing?”, “Are you alone right now?”...

Just the tips: Jilling off and why it’s important

ReproCo, Contributing Author September 10, 2015

Sorry guys, but this one is going to be for the ladies. That being said, everyone can learn a thing or two about this somehow-controversial topic. As many of us know, there is a huge gap between male...

Just the tips: The importance of sex education

ReproCo, Contributing Writer August 27, 2015

Imagine a world where something as essential to personal health and wellbeing as a healthy diet and regular exercise was deemed too taboo to openly talk about. It is constantly debated whether it...

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