Just The Tips: What do to when you want the nudes

There is so much controversy when it comes to the topic of sharing sexy photos, especially if the photos are of one’s nude body. Some people feel uncomfortable with sharing such intimate pictures of themselves, and some are worried about the pictures getting into the wrong hands or being leaked onto the internet without their permission. However, I am here to reassure you that as long as it is between consenting adults (that is, over 18 as to not be in violation of child pornography laws) and everyone involved is mature and respectful, sending and receiving nudes can be fun, confidence-boosting and safe. Here are some basic tips for handling nudes.

Don’t: Share someone else’s personal pictures or screenshot a photo sent on Snapchat. The biggest issue with sharing intimate pictures is privacy. There have been countless scandals of people’s private photos being leaked onto the Internet or shared without their permission. The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to picture-sharing is to be mature. After all, it is for adults. That being said, have respect for whoever sends you their pictures and keep them for your eyes only. Another issue involves taking screen shots on the picture-sharing app, Snapchat. The app was designed so that when a picture is sent, the receiver can only see it for a short length of time, chosen by the sender. This feature makes for a perfect way to send pictures back and forth without them being accessed in the future. People send nudes via Snapchat instead of through text for this reason, so as a general rule of thumb, do not screenshot a photo sent on Snapchat.

Do: Use sexy pictures as a means to boost self-confidence and positive body image. One aspect many people overlook is how body-positive they can be. They are called ‘sexy pics’ for a reason: you feel pretty damn sexy taking them! Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves and their bodies. Taking sexy pictures, even if you do not send them to anyone, can be a great way to boost self-confidence. So go take some mirror pictures, look at them, and say aloud, “Damn, I look good!”

Don’t: Put your face in any private pictures, unless you completely trust the person you are sending them to. However, we all know that is not always the case. The typical argument against sending sexy pictures via text or social media apps such as Snapchat is that they could somehow end up in the wrong hands or be shown to people they were not intended for. Any decent person knows that if someone shares a sexy picture with them, it’s for their eyes only. Unfortunately, some people do not understand the concepts of respecting privacy. Just to stay on the safe side, unless you have complete faith in the person or people you send your pictures to, you might want to keep your camera angled on your body only.

Do: Remember to have fun! Get creative and enjoy yourself! Get frisky, tease and let yourself loose a bit. Sending and receiving sexy pictures can be fun for all parties involved if done with respect and care. Remember to keep it safe, keep it legal and always keep it sexy.