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Curious couples can use the internet to their advantage

ReproCo, Columnist

Though countless apps and sites exist to introduce people to new partners, it seems like few places on the internet dedicate themselves to helping existing couples stay together and learn new things about their wants and desires. Thankfully, your friendly neighborhood ReproCo board searched the internet for new and interesting ways to engage those in relationships.

In our searches, we found a surprising number of sites that offered great services for couples to anonymously explore their desires, even in the face of awkwardness. Nowadays, it is nearly impossible to escape anyone with the constant presence of social media, so why not use it to your advantage?

The website we focused on is “We Should Try It!” which proclaims itself to be an “online sex questionnaire for couples.”

The reason that a website like this exists is to help couples explore their sexual interests without the embarrassment of having to say the questions aloud, and to avoid the horrified reactions that are received when one party shows interest in hair pulling, biting, etc. Each person can honestly answer  the questions without having to take into account the bias or possible opinion of their partner.

Completing the quiz is surprisingly easy. One member of the couple proceeds to answer questions about the kind of things they are interested in adding to the bedroom, things they wouldn’t touch with a 39-and-a-half-foot pole and things they already do with their partner.

After typing in the names, ages and genders of each person, each partner takes a turn answering some rather probing questions, which range from the basics—like if you want more foreplay or more dirty talk—to some BDSM activities—like wearing a blindfold or having a knife pointed at you. After one partner is done, the other takes over and enters their interests. After all questions are answered, the final results can be viewed based on the information you and your partner entered earlier.

After completion of the quiz, the results pop up of what interests the two shared, and also if one partner answered “if my partner is interested.”

Thankfully, the website does not show the crazy, kinky stuff that would send your partner running the other direction. As long as one party didn’t show interest, there is no harm done, which means you can take a long, deep breath of relief knowing that your partner will never know that you wanted to have a threesome with your next door neighbor.

There is also an option to save the webpage and to check off everything the two of you have done or tested out. So go out there, try some new things and, as always, please have safe, fun and consensual sex.