Just the tips: Jilling off and why it’s important

A brief introduction to female masturbation

Sorry guys, but this one is going to be for the ladies. That being said, everyone can learn a thing or two about this somehow-controversial topic.

As many of us know, there is a huge gap between male and female sexuality.  Male sexuality is often societally encouraged and open. On the other hand, female sexuality is overlooked, if not discouraged, and almost considered shameful.

It is common knowledge that boys begin to explore and pleasure themselves early on in life.

However, physical self-exploration and pleasure for girls and women is hardly talked about, widely discouraged and shamed.  Physical self-exploration and masturbation are both healthy and normal (in moderation, like anything else) for everyone.

Masturbation allows the individual to become familiar with his or her own body, relieve stress, and establish a healthy psychological relationship with his or her body and sexuality.

Female masturbation is equally as important as male masturbation.  However, bringing this topic out of the shadows might be slightly more important, given that female sexuality is taboo in most societies.

Because of this, many women are left in the dark when it comes to knowing about how their intricate bodies work.  If a woman is unfamiliar with her own body, how is she supposed to teach her sexual partner(s) about how to pleasure her?

There are different ways to induce pleasure, and ultimately an orgasm, for the female individual. Clitoral and vaginal (most commonly from G-spot stimulation) are the two primary ways.

The clitoris is a small, erectile tissue that resides on the outside of the female body in the area known as the vulva.  The clitoris has only one purpose: pleasure.  Every woman’s clitoris is different in size and sensitivity.

The “G-spot” is located inside of the vagina a few inches up the anterior (front) vaginal wall, and just like the clitoris, it differs from woman to woman in size and sensitivity.

When stimulated, it can cause powerful sexual arousal and orgasm. However, there are many other erogenous zones inside of the vagina.

The clitoris is considered to be the easiest route to orgasm. Most women cannot orgasm from vaginal stimulation alone, and some women have difficulty achieving any type of orgasm at all.

Because female pleasure can be achieved by stimulating different places, there are a multitude of ways to masturbate.

Some common methods of masturbation are: hand to clitoris, finger(s) inside vagina, dildo inside vagina, vibrator in vagina and/or on clitoris (some sex toys can do both at the same time), straddling objects (pillow, sofa, towel, etc.) and so much more.   

Sex toys are not necessary for masturbation, but can make it more interesting (but that’s for another article)!

So, ladies, I strongly encourage you to explore yourselves and figure out where things are, as well as what you like and do not like sexually.  There are too many woman who are unfamiliar with and/or are afraid of their bodies.  That being said, be not afraid! Go forth and explore!