‘Bioscientific Imaginaries’

On Sept. 15, the Allegheny art galleries opened its newest exhibit titled, “Bioscientific Imaginaries.” Displaying art in the genre of, “Bio Art,” which, as the name suggests, are biological-themed art pieces. These range from utilizing lab equipment, human blood to in an exhibitionary piece.

The piece entitled, “Immortality for Two,” by artist De Menzez does just that, by infecting red blood cells with cancerous cells making the plasma reproduce continuously – effectively making it “immortal.”

The next piece, by artist Kathy High, depicts a glass rendition of the human intestinal tract. The artist also had Crohn’s disease and sent a letter to David Bowie, asking him for a sample of his stool which could correct her intestinal distress by replenishing the good bacteria from a healthy patient’s stool. In the letter, Kathy had acknowledged the inefficacy of receiving a stool sample under these conditions – but claimed that her connection to David Bowie would override any prohibition of such an operation.