Campus-wide quarantine extended until further notice

More active, positive cases identified than any time in fall semester

UPDATE March 11, 9:25 p.m.: In an email to the campus community, on March 5, Allegheny College Health Agency’s Gabrielle Morrow announced that the campus-wide quarantine has ended.

“We are not out of danger — there are a high number of students in isolation and quarantine, and worsening spread is possible,” Morrow said.

Following several clusters of positive cases, ACHA tested 300 students that were associated socially with those that had tested positive for COVID-19. No positive test results were found among students that were contact traced, but the students were placed in quarantine as a precautionary measure. ACHA also began rapid antigen testing in the David V. Wise Center, where several students tested positive from a random sampling of students.

“This speaks to the excellent choices by the vast majority of Allegheny students: you know how to stay safe,” Morrow said.

Any student that feels ill is encouraged to contact the Winslow Health center and report their symptoms to ACHA.

“Stay diligent; email us or call Winslow (Health Center) right away with concerning symptoms,” Morrow said. “We are here to help.”


Dr. Gabrielle Morrow of the Allegheny College Health Agency announced via email late March 3 that the previous quarantine period scheduled to end on March 4 will be extended. No estimated end of the quarantine period was offered in this statement. 

According to Morrow, 67 students are currently in quarantine and isolation. Many of these students are close contacts of 15 current positive COVID-19 cases.

“This is higher than our total at any time in the fall.” Dr. Gabrielle Morrow stated in the email. 

Morrow explained the reasons for the elevated numbers of students, citing that most students who tested positive were clustered. Students who may have been in proximity with the 15 positive cases will be tested, and the regularly scheduled randomized testing will also be conducted. 

“If you are invited to test in the next two days, it does not necessarily mean that someone near you tested positive,” Morrow said. “Contact tracing has been completed, and all exposed persons have been notified and are in quarantine.” 

Morrow emphasized the ease with which COVID-19 transmits.

“The goal of extending the campus quarantine is to prevent an outbreak that would force us to shift to fully remote education either temporarily or permanently,” Morrow said. 

The email then continued to explain that reconsideration for when the ACHA will end quarantine at “the end of this week.”