College to construct Guest House


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Recently, Allegheny College acquired two homes on College Street and is in the process of renovating one of them to become a Guest House.

“With limited hotel rooms in Meadville, this type of project has been on the wish list for some time.  Recently, three donors approached the administration with a desire to complete this project. The donations will fund 100 percent of the project,” Sue Gaylor, executive vice president, said.

The Guest House will include four bedrooms each with private baths, a reading room, a larger social room on the first floor, and a small kitchen. The social room will be used for campus gatherings and be available for students, faculty and staff to reserve for functions.

“The Guest House will primarily be used to host distinguished guests, visiting speakers and prospective faculty,” Gaylor said.

Cliff Willis, director of Physical Plant, said the intent of the large room will be for a meeting space and campus events.

Gaylor added that a formal policy about the Guest House will be established in Spring 2014.

According to Willis, the maintenance cost expectation has not been estimated yet. Willis added that the building is being completely remodeled including new heat, plumbing and electricity.

“For the first few years, the building will need minimal work. We will be doing mainly preventative work [such as fixing filters and painting]. Use of the Guest House and age of the building will be factors in maintenance cost,” Willis said.

An architect has been selected for the project, and the committee is in the process of choosing a contractor and approving the budget.

The Guest House will be located at 372 E. College St. and is expected to be open next summer to be used in the fall.