No progress in investigation of most recent slur

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Safety and Security made no progress over the weekend in its investigation of last Thursday’s hate incident, when a homophobic slur was allegedly taped to a student’s door in a dormitory.

Director of Safety and Security Jeff Schneider said that no new information on the incident has come to light.

“We still haven’t retrieved the slur, whatever it was, and we don’t know what was posted on the door because we never got that piece of the puzzle,” Schneider said. “All we have is hearsay from another student.”

The slur was reported around 7:45 a.m. last Thursday by another student, not the victim. The student allegedly disposed of the sign.

“A resident student didn’t want [the victim] to be offended so they threw [the sign] away and we never retrieved it,” said Schneider.

The Meadville Police Department denied any knowledge of the incident and said it had not been reported to the police as a criminal act.