Park Ave. Theatre (Finally) Open for Business

By DENISE JONES ([email protected])

After several attempts to reopen, the Park Avenue Theater finally announced its grand reopening for business this past weekend. On Nov. 6, Meadville community members and college students witnessed the reopening of this historic landmark.

“It’s been a long time coming,” said John Horning, owner of the Park Avenue Theatre LLC.

For more than three years, this building sat vacant with the doors closed to the public, but as of this past weekend the renovated doors were finally reopened. In the long process of renovating, the screens have been replaced with new movie screens to provide a clearer picture and a better sound. The building and its furniture have been remodeled.

For months, the marquee outside of the theatre listed several different opening dates. This past weekend was the time for all the members of the community to attend and celebrate the reopening of the theater. Horning wished the reopening date could have been sooner, but due to various complications in contracting and dealing with issues such as financial restraints, the reopening process for the movie theater was delayed.

“I’m really happy that the theater has finally opened,” said Elizabeth Zirpoli, ’10. “I’ve been looking forward to this day since freshman year and actually started to think that it would never happen while I was here. It’s great that there will be a theater so close to campus and I think it will be very popular with both students and community members.”

The reopening seemed to have a major affect on Allegheny College students, from freshmen to seniors.

“I am so glad the theater finally opened,” said Samantha Voss, ’13. “It was cool to take a break from my studies and enjoy a night out at this historic venue.”

Along with the grand reopening, the theater management also offered free admission to those with original flyers as a way to bring in customers and publicity. This was one of several ways the theater plans to advertise and reel in customers. In addition to free admission, the management also plans on being cost-friendly by providing bargain movies.

They also will explore the possibility of a wide range of selections—from vintage to modern day movies, said Manning, the theater manager. As for this weekend, they showed “Night at The Museum 2” and “Ice Age 3,” second-run movies.

Although many were excited about the grand reopening, some students were indifferent.

“It’s just another movie theater,” said Kimberly James, ’13.

Overall, the theater management and owner were pleased with the publicity and turn out they received from the grand reopening and look forward to a successful future.