Comedy Column

Kate Rubins, a NASA astronaut currently working in the International Space Station has announced that she has voted from outer space — the only American currently not present on Earth to do so. The process involves the Harris County Clerk’s office uploading a secure electronic ballot to the Johnson Space Center Mission Control Center, who then sends it up to ISS for NASA astronauts to cast their vote. Rubins, if you’re listening, it must be nice casting a vote in an atmosphere with no pressure.

In Oakland, California, a turkey named ‘Gerald’ was recently captured and relocated after terrorizing a neighborhood for several weeks, attacking various park goers, children and families. Rebecca Dmytryk, founder and director of Wildlife Emergency Services was hired to ‘humanely’ capture the bird. In fact, there was such a rouse, several full page news articles on the process of capturing the sadistic bird have been written and distributed to the rest of the nation. Sure, this was fowl play, but is it wrong to be surprised that this Turkey was no chicken? (More like a Gobblin’ ready to stuff the stuffer).

In a recent announcement, Dunkin’ Donuts has released its first ever spicy donut, called the ‘Spicy Ghost Pepper donut,’ available until December of this year. Decorated in strawberry icing, the donut’s mix consists of both cayenne and ghost peppers (ghost pepper is one of the hottest chili peppers in the world). Yup, Dunkin’ took it literally when they created a seasoned dead ringer.