Faculty organize annual voice recital in Ford Chapel

On Feb. 8, 2015, Allegheny College held the annual faculty recital in Ford Chapel.

The performers included three professors from the music department, Carol Niblock, Diane Kalinowski and Vicki Jamison. Accompanying them on piano was Dr. Ward Jamison.

All three professors are sopranos and organized the concert featuring various duets and trios from a selection of operas. According to V. Jamison this was the first time they had all performed in a recital together.

“The three of us made plans last March to perform a program of duets and trios,” V. Jamison said.

Niblock said deciding what songs to perform was a difficult process.

“Although Vicki, Diane and I are all sopranos, the three of us have very different voice types.  It took a while to find the right pieces that would allow each of us to show off our strengths,” Niblock said.

Ultimately they decided on a variety of songs including work written by Mozart, Purcell and Bizet.

All three of them learned the material for the performance on their own time before coming together for a few rehearsals in the fall.

V. Jamison enjoyed the preparation leading up to the performance. Kalinowki said she enjoys the entire production process.

“I love everything from the preparation work to the performance itself,” said Kalinowki. “Especially on those special moments when I can feel a wave of calm wash over me during the performance which allows me to just focus my energy on communicating.”

Louis Fehér-Peiker ’17, attended the concert and said he really enjoyed the performance. A voice student himself,  Fehér-Peiker came to see his professors and their spouses perform. Fehér-Peiker is a member of the chorus on campus and enjoys music.

“I always enjoy live, free music,”  Fehér-Peiker said.

Later this spring Kalinowski will be performing solo at a recital at Saegertown Methodist Church on March 14 at 8:00 p.m.

The performance will be sponsored by a grant from Erie Arts. For this type of recital, Kalinowki has more room to pick songs to perform because it is a solo recital.

“As far as choosing music to perform in a recital, for this particular recital I did not choose the music,” Kalinowki said. “But normally I have a running list of dream works that I am wanting to perform so I usually just choose one off of the bucket list and then fill in the rest of the recital with works that I think will go well in the particular venue and with whatever dream work I have chosen.”