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Orchesis performers prepare for dance tradition

Shaelyn Ursida, Features Editor

November 14, 2019

The Orchesis Dance Company is more than just a club that puts on an annual dance show at Allegheny College. It is an organization that allows people to express themselves, find freedom, explore their passions and be heard within...

Animal Years performs for Allegheny students

Steven Heine, Junior News Editor

September 7, 2017

Mike McFadden and Animal Years brought a flock of students to the Gator Quad for the band’s 6 p.m. performance on Friday, Sept. 1. The band, based in Brooklyn, New York, came to Allegheny College as part of Student Leadershi...

The Sounds of Meadville: Piano remains musical staple

Kyle Murphy, Staff Writer

October 29, 2015

Shortly after its invention circa 1700, the piano became a mainstay of western culture. Whether it was the forced lessons as an adolescent, the Yamaha keyboard your musical friend had or the upright at grandma’s house, the pi...

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