Student uninjured in car accident on North Main Street

Between 8-9 p.m. on Nov. 6, an Allegheny student’s parked car was hit in front of the Theta Chi fraternity house, by the corner of North Main Street and Allegheny Street. The student, Nico Knull, ’17, was not in his car at the time of the accident and is not injured.

Joe DiChristina, dean of students, remarked at the scene that no students were hurt and the non-student driver of the other vehicle was sent to the hospital from the accident.

The crash was first heard by Chris Muise, ’16, a member of Theta Chi. Afterward, a group of individuals at the house went outside to investigate. According to Muise, the driver’s car had both airbags already deployed when Knull’s car was rear-ended.

Nick Miller, ’16, one of the first responders from the house, turned off the driver’s car. The driver, according to the students, was initially unconscious from a previous accident further up North Main Street before the car continued rolling into Knull’s.

Ricardo Llovet-Nava, ’17, said that the driver of the car was slightly responsive when they arrived to help.

The Meadville City Police and Meadville Medical Center declined to release information on Thursday night.