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Police respond to suspicious person in fraternity house

Joseph Tingley and Alex Weidenhof

March 15, 2017

Allegheny College Public Safety and Meadville City Police were called to investigate a report of a suspicious man entering the Delta Tau Delta fraternity house on Highland Avenue around 10:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 14. The ma...



November 9, 2016

Students give insight to events of fatal accident

Angela Mauroni, News Editor

October 31, 2015

Several students were on the scene within minutes after a car struck Hannah Morris, a member of the class of 2017 at Allegheny, on Oct. 29 while she was crossing North Main Street. She died hours later from the injuries. Th...

Fatal accident takes student’s life

Angela Mauroni, News Editor

October 30, 2015

Hannah Morris, ’17, was struck by a vehicle on North Main Street in front of the Allegheny College dorm North Village II late Thursday night on Oct. 29, 2015. Morris later passed away at Meadville Medical Center from sustained...

Update: Former student in custody for disturbing Facebook posts

Christina Bryson, News Editor

November 25, 2014

Dean of Students Joseph DiChristina sent out a campus wide email on Sunday, Nov. 23, addressing concerns about "disturbing" Facebook threats allegedly posted by Luong Phan, a former Allegheny student. According to DiChristina,...

Disturbing Facebook posts lead to campus wide email

Sam Stephenson, Co-Editor-in-Chief

November 23, 2014

This story has been updated since its original post: Last update: 12:22 a.m.  Dean of Students Joseph DiChristina sent out a campus wide email tonight addressing concerns about a former Allegheny student’s disturbing posts on ...

Allegheny senior not selected for Rhodes Scholarship

Sam Stephenson and Meaghan Wilby

November 23, 2014

Senior Jacqueline Coplen, a finalist for the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship, found out last night, Saturday, Nov. 22, that she did not receive the prestigious fellowship. In a text message to The Campus after her Rhodes Schola...

Student uninjured in car accident on North Main Street

Amanda Spadaro, Co-Editor-in-Chief

November 6, 2014

Between 8-9 p.m. on Nov. 6, an Allegheny student’s parked car was hit in front of the Theta Chi fraternity house, by the corner of North Main Street and Allegheny Street. The student, Nico Knull, ’17, was not in his car at...

Security signs agreement with Meadville police

Arianna O'Connell, Contributing Writer

September 19, 2014

The City of Meadville and Allegheny College signed a Cooperative Agreement on Aug. 1, allotting more authority and responsibility to campus security. Within the first weeks of school, students have noticed a change in the interaction...

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