College announces testing result delays ahead of move-in weekend

The at-home COVID-19 test results have been delayed a day before students move in due to inclement weather. 

The Allegheny College Health Agency’s Gabrielle Morrow sent an email to the campus community this morning at 9:45 a.m. regarding the delay in test results. 

“Right now there is a winter storm in our midst, throwing a wrench in our pre-arrival testing plans,” Morrow wrote in the email. “Unfortunately, we expect many results to be delayed until Thursday or Friday.” 

The results were originally expected to be announced to students sometime this afternoon. If a student has yet to receive their testing result from Inspire Diagnostics, they are advised to stay home until they receive their results. 

“We have reason to hope that all test kits will be delivered to the lab today,” Morrow said. “Inspire has staffed their lab to return results within 24 hours of the test kit arriving at their facility … Once your kit arrives at the lab, we are confident that the results will come back quickly. However, you need a negative PCR test or an ACHA exemption to move in. If your results are delayed, do not come to campus. We will not allow you to move in.”

In a follow-up email to the campus community, at 1:31 p.m., Morrow announced that about 200 test kits are in transit, over 800 have arrived at the lab and fewer than 100 kits have been processed. Of the processed tests, only two students had a positive COVID-19 test result, but both were asymptomatic. Due to inclement weather, 60 students were not able to send their testing kits and seven students may switch to remote learning.

Morrow encouraged students to remain calm and keep checking for updates about their test results. If a student receives a positive test result, they are not permitted to return to campus. Instead, students with positive test results are asked to email ACHA and begin self-isolation prior to moving in. Quarantine and isolation housing will not be available during move-in. If a student has an inconclusive test, they must order another test kit or obtain a PCR test at home. 

“I hate for you to be burdened with (obtaining a PCR test), especially since Allegheny College is providing you with an at-home test. But if it is safe to do so where you are, then we will accept your own PCR test. Send us a photo of the result or email us with questions, and we will allow you to move in on the soonest possible scheduled move-in date.”

Students who will miss their move-in appointment due to testing result delays must email the Dean of Students Office at [email protected] to arrange for a new move-in time. 

“Unfortunately, given the safety requirements of the pandemic, we are unable to move students in during unscheduled times,” Morrow added. 

Students will need to find off-campus housing until their test results are available. Students are advised to call Public Safety at (814) 332-3357 if their plans change en route to the institution. 

This is a developing story.