The Campus

Comedy Column

Kaleel Van Voorhees, Editorial Cartoonist

September 25, 2020

Last Thursday, while searching for sea glass, a 47-year-old man discovered, washed up along a Wisconsin beach, a brain wrapped in tinfoil. The brain— a little larger than the size of someone’s hand, does not belong to a huma...

Social media and foreign relations

Roman Hladio, Science/International Editor

September 3, 2020

Popular video creating and sharing app TikTok as well as multi-purpose media app WeChat have made global headlines in the past few weeks due to recent discoveries that installing the app may make private data stored on that d...

TikTok Platform Takeover

Kelsey Evans, Photographer

February 28, 2020

If you are one of the few people left that hasn’t downloaded TikTok, consider yourself lucky.  Ever since downloading this app, my screen time has increased by approximately 30% and all of my free time is spent chasing TikTok f...

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