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Emma Conti-Windle

Emma Conti-Windle, Staff Writer

Emma Conti-Windle is a first year and legacy student. She is majoring in Communication and Media Studies and minoring in Journalism. This is her first year on staff, though she has always had a passion for writing and media production. Her favorite pieces so far are the ones she has written on Taylor Swift, and she looks forward to growing her portfolio with The Campus. Not only is she a huge Swiftie, but Emma is also a dual citizen of Australia, has a radio talk show on WARC 90.3 and finds guilty pleasure in watching old episodes of "Glee" whenever she can. 
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A thank you letter to the women in my life

Emma Conti-Windle, Staff Writer March 22, 2024

As I celebrate Women’s History Month by escaping the snow into the adventures of the March sisters, Elle Woods, Barbie, Oprah Winfrey, Christina Yang and countless other icons, I reflect on my womanhood...

Love and Chicken

Emma Conti-Windle, Staff Writer February 23, 2024

When I was in elementary school and I stayed home sick, the world seemed to stop. This wasn’t a frequent occurrence, for the anxiety of missing work often outweighed the discomfort of a sore throat....

Allegheny students skate in a line at the Meadville Area Recreation Complex on the afternoon of Sunday, Feb. 4. Students could skate for free with their Allegheny ID, and rides from the college to the rink were also provided.

Relaxing on the ice

Emma Conti-Windle, Staff Writer February 9, 2024

Buying womanhood

Emma Conti-Windle, Staff Writer February 2, 2024

When I think back to the first time I expressed a desire to wear makeup, I’m reminded of the Neutrogena face lotion infused with SPF that my mother had taught me to always apply to my face in a circular...

Not all that glitters

Emma Conti-Windle, Staff Writer January 19, 2024

When I was younger, I would curl myself into the smallest ball I could on the brown leather loveseat in our living room in hopes that my parents would forget that I was still awake and let me finish the...

How to go home

Emma Conti-Windle, Staff Writer December 8, 2023

“I miss home.” That thought has run through my mind probably a thousand times since coming to college. My family are my best friends, and being away from them this semester has been extremely difficult....

Bedbugs: From Paris to Meadville

Emma Conti-Windle, Contributing Writer October 20, 2023

As France prepares for the 2024 Olympic Games, the city of Paris is facing an unfortunate issue: an outbreak of bedbugs. Reports of bedbug sightings in Paris began surfacing this summer, according to...

Taylor and Travis

Emma Conti-Windle, Contributing Writer October 20, 2023

She’s not cheer captain, and she’s not on the bleachers. She’s in a suite, sitting right next to the star player’s mom. Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are at the center of sports media amidst appearances...

There’s no shame in being a “Swiftie”

Emma Conti-Windle, Contributing Writer September 26, 2023

The day before I left for Allegheny, my grandpa stopped by my house for one last hug goodbye before I went on my way. While my mom and dad weren’t looking, he slipped me five, perfectly folded $20 bills...

The closest abortion clinic to Meadville is across the state border, on the outskirts of Cleveland, Ohio. Bedford Heights Surgery Center is roughly 72 miles away as the crow flies, or around 94 miles by car. (Image credit: Google Maps)

A year on, Allegheny students reflect on Roe

Emma Conti-Windle, Contributing Writer September 15, 2023

Though it’s been 15 months since the overturning of Roe v. Wade, students opposed to the decision continued expressing their feelings on the issue and it seems that they are not done. Those in support...

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