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Sydney Emerson, Opinion Editor

Sydney Emerson is a senior from Bradford, Pennsylvania. She is an English major with a history minor comping in fiction.

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YA? Why not?

November 18, 2022
The more snooty readers among us think that complex ideas can only be presented in complex packages, that anything worth reading must make the reader feel a certain level of page-by-page agony. This, of course, is utter nonsense.

How grading creates an alternate reality

November 11, 2022
The American system of education forces students to suspend their disbelief and pretend that what they’re doing day in and day out matters to their futures beyond the GPA that will ostensibly get them into college.
Tightened standards are the antithesis of education

Tightened standards are the antithesis of education

November 4, 2022
Our culture, especially our educational culture, engages in an intense cycle of sadism and masochism that rewards burnout and self-punishment. It equates being overworked to genius. This won't do. This center cannot hold.
Athens Democracy Forum: Opinion editor reflects on international conference

Athens Democracy Forum: Opinion editor reflects on international conference

October 14, 2022
I do not believe that any single person at the Forum would declare themselves as representative of an entire larger demographic. In the eyes of those who assemble an event like ADF, though, The Youth are an intellectual and cultural monolith with our smartphones and slang.

Scholarships are socialist

October 14, 2022
At their core, these opportunities are a pact: you do your part in some way, through work, study or both, and we will make sure that your needs are met. Free from certain burdens of modern adult life — namely financial — you will have the opportunity to grow and explore as a person.
Interim President Ron Cole, 87, speaks with students during a public session in the Campus Center lobby on Thursday, Sept. 22.

With President Cole, we can recover

September 23, 2022
This is a plea to my fellow students, disguised as the obligatory “we’ve got a new president” opinion piece. Give President Cole a chance.

A successful summer is more than just internships

September 9, 2022
What did I do over the summer? I worked. I don’t know how to tell people this.

Growth mindset is unhealthy

September 2, 2022

You can be anything you want to be. Good vibes only. Think lovely thoughts. Fake it ‘til you make it. Radiate positivity. You can always do better. Online platforms abound with catchy mantras designed...

It is a uniquely terrible feeling to watch your own autonomy be taken away by your government

“It is a uniquely terrible feeling to watch your own autonomy be taken away by your government”

June 25, 2022

I’m going to surgically implant a kangaroo tail onto your lower back. I hear your protests. They are a natural response to this news. You are understandably frightened at the prospect of suddenly having...

Ford Chapel has been the center of religious life on campus for over 100 years.

‘Meeting This Moment’

May 12, 2022

For almost 200 years, Allegheny has been affiliated with the United Methodist Church. Now, with fractures in the church and the Allegheny community’s approach toward religion, the college will play host...

Allegheny is stuck in ‘the Sad Gap’

May 9, 2022

Allow me to paint you a picture. Tell me if it sounds familiar. You are reading the news or Twitter or Facebook or this week’s edition of The Campus. Everywhere you look, every new Tweet or article or...

The student attitude toward Meadville represents a larger problem

April 29, 2022

For most of my life, my only goal was to get out of rural Pennsylvania. Like most students, I thought that this part of the world was stifling, oppressive and unbelievably small. I am from Bradford, PA,...

Visiting Professor of English Graham Barnhart, ’07, listens as Professor of English Matthew Ferrence discusses his writing process at the Single Voice Reading on April 14 in the Tillotson Room in the Tippie Alumni Center at Cochran Hall.

Single Voice returns with Ferrence and Barnhart, ’07

April 21, 2022

Irish author James Joyce once wrote, “Writing in English is the most ingenious torture ever devised for sins committed in previous lives.” Previous lives were the specter that haunted the Single Voice...

Mediocre masterpieces

April 21, 2022

“National Treasure” is a masterpiece. “Clue” is, too. I love “Night at the Museum” and “The Proposal” just as much as I love “Citizen Kane,” “Goodfellas” and “Dr. Strangelove.” Movies...

On the benefits of writing and running poorly

April 15, 2022

In this day and age, hustle culture is the false idol we worship. We pay tribute by working overtime and searching for our next big break, hungry for fame and fortune. We convince ourselves that it is...

When will it end?

April 7, 2022

There’s been another one, and this time, it’s in our own backyard. A shooter opened fire at Erie High School on Tuesday morning, injuring one student before fleeing. Less than an hour later, the...

Cringe culture comes at the cost of our humanity

March 3, 2022

There’s nothing like the internet to bring out the worst in people. I’m pretty oblivious when it comes to online trends, seeing as how I generally try to avoid social media at all costs, but I’m...

“Ban the Bible, too”

February 24, 2022

I am disturbed by the filth that Americans are reading, and you should be, too. Take, for example, a story in which two daughters live alone with their widowed father. They make a pact to get him drunk...

Gen Z’s imitations of life: aesthetics, self and Pinterest

January 27, 2022

The existential despair began when I went down a “dark academia” rabbit hole. For the unenlightened, dark academia is just one of the plentiful strict aesthetics that abound on the Gen Z internet....

The Allegheny Penny Dreadfuls

The Allegheny Penny Dreadfuls

October 28, 2021

After being practically shuttered from college activity for almost two years, Oddfellows Hall sits as an enigma at the top of North Main Street. The building, which always had a mysterious and imposing...

Social media is destroying lives

October 22, 2021

In episode two of The Wall Street Journal’s investigative podcast “The Facebook Files,” it was reported that, written in bold on an internal research report from Facebook, was the phrase “We make...

Photo source: Wikipedia 
Edward Rulloff, also known as James Nelson, is pictured here. Ruloff taught at Allegheny briefly under a psuedonym. Ruloff killed his wife and young daughters in 1844, prior to teaching at Allegheny.

Allegheny’s murderous professor

October 14, 2021

In 1858, an English philologist named James Nelson arrived in Meadville with the hopes of earning a professorship at Allegheny College. He was a skilled teacher who knew Latin, Greek, German, French and...

Photo contributed by Merrick Archives.
The Mephistopheles society poses on the Rustic Bridge. This photo was published in the 1911 Kaldron, one year before the club seemingly disappeared from campus.

Mephistopheles Society: a secret society of the early 1900s

October 8, 2021

A cloak-and-dagger literary society that congregates over a special symbol on a bridge seems like a story straight out of “Dead Poets Society” — surely not anything that could ever happen on a small,...

Via: Merrick Archives Digital Images Collection
Hulings Hall, as seen here in 1881, was constructed in 1871 as the first residence hall for women on campus.

The Allegheny Penny Dreadfuls

October 1, 2021

Between the old buildings and even older traditions, Allegheny’s long history has generated its fair share of myths and legends. There are the classics — the likes of William McKinley’s infamous...

Lindsay Henry, owner of Yoga Spot Meadville, leads a class in the newly opened studio at 252 Chestnut Street.

Yoga Spot brings mindfulness to Meadville community

September 24, 2021

Opening a boutique yoga studio may seem like a risk in rural Pennsylvania, but to Lindsay Henry, owner of Meadville’s newly-opened Yoga Spot, it was a no-brainer. The tight-knit nature of a small town,...

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