The power of photos


Photo Editor
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I came to Allegheny College with a passion for photography and was at first unsure of how I would go about pursuing it. When I saw The Campus as an outlet for that passion, I was drawn to telling a story with my photos. When I first saw my photos in print, it was awesome, but it was more than that. Working with such a close-knit staff that became some of my closest friends all while doing something I love to do, helped make my Allegheny career so much more worth while.

I had no idea that at graduation I would look back at my time here and think that being the photo editor for the paper would come to define a piece of who I am, but I stand here four years later proudly exclaiming that it really does.

I’ve learned that telling a story through photography can be more powerful than words. I’ve covered everything from sports, breaking news in downtown Meadville, to major keynote speakers, to fun feature stories.

The power of a camera is often underrated to that of pen and paper. However, a photo can give the audience a sense of feeling and gravity that cannot always be told on paper.

My time working with amazing people and telling amazing stories has no doubt influenced who I am and what I want to do. I can’t thank my friends and family enough for pushing me to follow my passions.