Senior Column: Pat Jameson

By Pat Jameson

Sports Editor

I joined the editorial staff fairly late in my career at Allegheny College. After basically ghost writing for two years, I became Sports Editor during this fall and quickly realized how woefully unprepared I was for the insane atmosphere of the newsroom. Everything from impending deadlines, flaring tempers and unruly technology were an everyday occurrence in our cramped closet, I mean office. However, despite the psychotic nature of our small news “family,” my colleagues at The Campus are some of the most dedicated, caring and hardworking individuals I have encountered so far in my life. It hasn’t always been easy but all of you have made me extremely glad that I decided to accept the position. It is with a heavy heart that I have to cease being the Sports Editor and move on to doing God-knows-what in the real world.

A special thanks to our Editor-in-Chief Colleen Pegher for putting up with me for three years and being a tremendous friend and overall great individual. Somehow we managed to make it through without killing each other. Also, a profuse thank you to Professor Cheryl Hatch for her sagacious advice as our advisor and mentor. Her advice and suggestions have helped to really get our paper headed in the right direction and much closer to the standard that I know we are capable of.

Being the Sports Editor for a school as small at Allegheny is admittedly not the most glamorous position, but my colleagues, teammates and fellow students have made it a tremendously rewarding experience. We might not be the biggest powerhouse school in the NCAC, but the sheer passion that our athletes bring to the field is unparalleled. Division III athletes might not get the accolades of their larger school counterparts, but they still have achievements and stories that need to be told. As such, it has been an honor to work closely with our athletes and coaches to bring their stories to the college. The entire Gator athletic family has made my time as Sports Editor a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

During my time at Allegheny I have been blessed to have friends who have reaffirmed that happiness in life is all about surrounding yourself with the right people. I am still not sure of a good amount of things in life, where I am headed in the future for instance, but I do know that I will always miss the bells in the afternoon and walking home late at night and realizing how great our school really is. Both inside and outside athletics I have made friends and memories that I will cherish for a lifetime. As such, I want to extend a thank you to everyone who made my college experience the best I could ever ask for. Go Gates.