The seven best things about going to Allegheny


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The point in the semester has come. For some of us, motivation has been lost since returning from Spring break, for others, it has been slowly fading throughout the semester, and for some, it went away during winter break and just never returned.  Considering I find my loss of motivation somewhere in between the latter two, I sometimes need to remind myself to be happy. While at some points here, I joke that I am simply going to drop out and never come back to his place, and travel the world, I have to remind myself why I chose this school. Underneath all the cold weather, late nights in Pelletier and nonstop days of stress and coffee, I love Allegheny.  So take a break, forget about that twenty-page research paper for five minutes and remember the small things that make us happy here.

7.  The beauty of this campus will never get old.

Walking back from the library when the sun is setting? Take a picture. Sitting outside during the fall among the changing color of the trees? Instagram that. Navigating through the snow on your way to your professor’s office hours? You have to stop and capture that, too.  The beauty of this campus will never cease to amaze me. Even when it is ten degrees below zero and I am freezing, you still can’t deny the calm and peaceful look the campus gives off.


6.Wherever you go on campus, you will run into at least five people you know.

Yes, most of the time this is a blessing, and sometimes a curse, depending on the circumstance, but I honestly can’t imagine going to a bigger school. I love walking into McKinley’s, knowing at least someone in a booth. During stressful times, its nice to be part of a community where even if you don’t know people by names, you recognize familiar faces. It’s something we often take for granted here at Allegheny.


5. You learn to appreciate all the smaller things.

When the temperature reaches sixty degrees, everyone rejoices. They go to Woodcock Dam, sit on the Gator Quad and relax. On the rare occasions when the sun comes out during mid March, it often feels like the sun radiates happiness throughout the student body. We have local places to go and eat where we don’t have to worry about not knowing the menu. We appreciate the nights that consisted of nothing but just good times with friends. Sometimes the smallest of towns can create the best of memories.


4.You always know your go to fix at McKinley’s.

Pretty sure you failed your last exam? Forgot to do your work? There’s a fix to that stress. Go to McKinley’s, slouch in a booth and get your favorite food fix. Whether its a burrito, ranch salso and queso, the possibilities are endless. I’m pretty sure you can’t be in a bad mood if you’re eating something called a Sunshine Sandwich…


3.  The ability to walk to class in under seven minutes.

This is no small feat. I have friends that go to larger schools where they have to take a bus to their classes. My naps have the opportunity to last longer because all I have to do is roll out of bed ten minutes before, and walk (most times) a total of four minutes to the building.


2. Our professors always go above and beyond.

Having a mental breakdown about your major and minor? Can’t seem to grasp what the heck you are doing in class. Go see you’re professor. Chances are, upon arriving at his or her office hours, they will recognize you by name. They ask how you are doing in the class and then continue to ask about other aspects in your life. Professor’s here actually care.


1. We are all crazy, overcommitted students who are in this together.

Think you’re the only one that has a Spanish oral, six page paper, along with numerous events from your wide variety of organizations? You are not alone here! Practically everyone at this college is just as overcommitted as you, more or less. Misery loves company, so we all often come together over stressful times. Chances are, they have been there plenty of times, too. Here at Allegheny College, we are all in this together.


CAITIE McMEKIN/THE CAMPUS A photo of Bently Hall on March 8, 2014 at sunset. Bently is one of the most iconic buildings on campus, and where the entire college was originally housed in 1815.
A photo of Bentley Hall on March 8, 2014 at sunset. Bentley is one of the
most iconic buildings on campus, and where the entire college was
originally housed in 1815.