ReproCo: Just the Tips Period sex: do’s and don’ts


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We’ve all been there. You’re getting hot and heavy with a special someone, whether it’s your current sweetie, or an attractive stranger you made eyes at across the Loop on a Saturday night, it doesn’t matter. Things are getting good…then you remember, “Aunt Flo” came to visit this week.

Whether you’ve had to relay this message to a partner, or you’ve been on the receiving end, it can understandably get a little uncomfortable. So, I am here to give you tips on how to make period sex a more approachable topic, and overall a good time for everyone because it’s exactly like regular sex, just with a messier clean up!

Let’s start off with the most important step in the process:


Wow whoa talking about it is the first step? It’s that simple?? Yes. Yes it is. Trust me, it is so important to talk about having period sex as opposed to springing it on your partner.

The latter leaves you both with a mess you didn’t properly prepare for, and probably a frustrated partner.

The most important thing to have during this conversation is confidence.

Never, ever be embarrassed by something your body naturally does. Granted, considering we live in a culture that participates heavily in body shaming, it is not a surprise that you may feel gross or embarrassed about it. But don’t! We live in a culture that also fetishizes ejaculating on girls’ faces, which one seems worse?

Typically this conversation is an easier one to have with someone that you’ve been intimate with before, but don’t fret if you’re really trying to seal the deal with that Loop Hottie. After reading all these preparation and clean up tips you’ll be a period sex pro.


Shower sex: If you and your partner are down for it, you can simply hop in the shower together. If you’ve never had shower sex before, this can be a fun opportunity for you and your partner to try something new!

Towels: These will most likely be your go-to tools for the deed. Slip a towel or some old sheets under the two of you so your bed doesn’t look like a crime scene.

Tissues/Washcloths: Have some of these by the side of the bed so they’re easier to access when you’re done.

Condoms: These will keep your partner’s penis clear of blood, and as ReproCo always advises: You should be using one anyway. You don’t know where that Loop Hottie has been.

Positions: Missionary position is key here, or really anything that doesn’t involve the Red Tide being on top. A basic knowledge of gravity should explain why.


Wipe off any excess fluids with the tissues/washcloths.

Remove the towel from the bed and put it somewhere so that you’ll remember to  WASH IT. Seriously. Dear lord do not put this in a mountain of dirty clothes and then grab it for your next shower and realize it’s covered in your old sex blood.

Hop in the shower (if you didn’t start there originally)

4. BENEFITS OF PERIOD SEX (besides the sex of course!)

Getting down and dirty during your period actually helps relieve cramp pain. Having an orgasm releases a bunch of feel good hormones in your body and is basically like a natural pain reliever.

Your period may be shorter! Muscle spasms along your uterine wall are what cause blood to flow during your period. Having an orgasm during sex causes a bunch more, stronger spasms that essentially push the blood out faster. This however, may cause your period to be a little heavier than usual.

Let’s be honest, during this time of the month most people are hornier than usual.That’s probably where mood swings come from. “Dammit, my body keeps telling me to have sex! But society is telling me I’m not allowed to this week!” Everything is more sensitive during this time, so naturally, everything feels great.

A closer relationship with your partner! Awe.

Now, after reading all this I know you’re just itching to get to try period sex for the first time, but please be aware of a few things!

Blood may not be someone’s forte. Hemophobia is a fairly common fear today, so if your partner is blatantly refusing to take you up on your period sex offer, they may really just not be able to stomach blood!

Also, please, please do not play into the myth that you cannot get pregnant on your period!

Although there is a smaller chance of pregnancy while on your period, that does not mean you have an invincible barrier surrounding your uterus from sperm. Those little guys can live up to 72 hours inside of your lady parts!

Overall, just remember that being on your period does not make you a disgusting, undesirable piece of garbage. You’re still you, you still have the same vagina, and you still have the same desires.