Internet Video of the Week

Anyone looking for some huge laughs should check out this Video of the Week, brought to you by the extreme clumsiness and ridiculous exclamations of Versus celebrity fisherman Bill Dance.

Now it may seem juvenile to be laughing at people’s slapstick misfortunes, and I know that I personally try to avoid most things that contain the now overused descriptor “FAIL” in their titles, but this is too good to pass up. “Part Two” comes highly recommended by the comment at the start of the video, and I have to say that while a lot of it is similar, there are some unique moments (including a condiment malfunction), and overall it’s good enough to keep me cracking up at this guy.

I have to wonder if any of this slips by onto the show, or if it just takes him 10 takes to do anything right, from the simple task of loading up a boat, to his farfetched struggles at attempting to control a still-running motor that has become dislodged from his boat. The latter is one of my personal favorite moments of this video, just edging out the moment when a dog scares the crap out of him by jumping into the water and Bill’s frustrated cry of “Dadgummit!” as he’s going over the intricacies of a fishing rod for his audience.

Have your own favorite moments? Ever stumble across his show? Think it’s stupid and not worth your time? Tell us about it below in the comment section and stay tuned throughout the week for more awesome Internet finds.