Ultimate Frisbee chases winter league championship

James Morgan, ’25, towers over a defender, while looking for an open reciever to throw to. Part of his skillset comes with the ability to throw a frisbee with percision and confidence, making him a good “quarterback” for the Gators.

When James Morgan, ’25, came to Allegheny College he had one thing in mind: joining the ultimate frisbee team. His passion for the sport dates back to his childhood, when he would regularly throw the frisbee, and was a natural talent.

“It’s a family tradition,” Morgan said. “It just became a childhood thing for me where I was always throwing around with my dad, and my brother. My mom would even get into it too.”

During high school he joined the ultimate frisbee team, and began developing as a player. He was a two sport athlete, with soccer also added to his resume, meaning speed and stamina would be no issue. Morgan’s enthusiasm about his commitment to the club also convinced his teammates on the pitch to get in on the action.

The time for college applications came quickly, and during his search for the right pick Morgan centered his attention on schools that offered a frisbee team. When he landed upon Allegheny, it only took a week for Morgan to get involved.

He was under the wings of a heavily loaded senior roster. The Gators travel throughout the season, in addition to an annual “High Tide” spring break trip to South Carolina. In his first year Morgan learned the art of chemistry, growing connections and developing relationships.

“We got really comfortable with each other,” Morgan said. “I would go almost every weekend to the frisbee house to hang out with (the seniors).”

As the year progressed the team’s chemistry grew and so did Morgan’s confidence. He was continuing to improve as a player and started earning the respect of his teammates. The team pulled off flashy passes and well designed plays. Now, in his second year, Morgan is a regular contributor to Allegheny’s roster and delivers consistent blows to opponents.

“I feel like I can go out on the field and I feel powerful,” said Morgan. “I feel like a weapon.”

Frisbee runs in Morgan’s blood. His dad played on the club team at Hamilton College, and also gained coaching experience at Northfield Mount Hermon. When his two sons came along, he passed down his knowledge and the legacy began. Morgan participated in summer camps coached by one of the best high school teams in the country. He learned a lot by putting in the hours, and they have seemed to pay off in his early career.

“Last year I was very much integrating into the team,” Morgan said. “This year I have a voice on the team and I can help develop us.”

The Gators are currently in their “Winter League”, and they also compete during the fall and spring. During this season the battlegrounds provide a slightly smaller playing field. They play in a speed ultimate match, where two squads of four engage in fast-paced and high-intensity play.

This season the team is 9-1. There are only a handful of games left to be played at the Erie Sports Center, and they are fighting for the first place crown in a single elimination playoff bracket. After earning the first seed in the tournament, the Gators won their first g

Members of the Ultimate Frisbee team await their next opponent at the Erie Sports Center. This weekend they will be fighting for the Winter League Championship. In a single elimination bracket, the team will surely come with an edge this Sunday at the first match of the tournament. (Gator Athletics)
Morgan also fills the utility role, and can run routes and catch for a score. He encompasses what it takes to make a true impact to the game, and dedicates his time to working on his craft. (Gator Athletics )

ame and played again this Sunday.

The season will switch back to the spring schedule after the league concludes. The style of play will return to traditional ultimate frisbee up to and through the fall, in a seven on seven setting with more ground to run on.

As for Morgan, he will hope to continue his fierce play on the field. His love for the game and culture Allegheny has brought to him makes him more excited than ever to continue his journey and leave his mark on the Ultimate Frisbee Club.