ReproCo: Just the Tips, How to dispose of sex toys

By Cassie Dellas

We at ReproCo loved discussing the history of the vibrator from last week’s article. One question that popped up during our discussions was what do you do when a sex toy breaks and, more importantly, what do you do with a toy you want to throw out. Even the members of ReproCo had trouble coming up with a definitive answer.  This week was spent researching the different ways that a toy can safely and discretely be thrown away.

Although the thought is sad, sex toys can and do break. You might also have grown tired of your toy or want to upgrade to a more advanced option. Whatever the reason may be, the question remains then, what do you do with an unwanted toy?  Do you keep it for nostalgia’s sake? Do you toss it into the trash? This there another option for those who do wish to see their special friend end up in a dump?

You could opt to simply throw your toy away, either by tossing it in with your own trash or disposing of it in another dorm so that no evidence can be tied to you. This can become tricky though because you might not want to walk down a dorm hallway with a vibrator in hand. This option is also not environmentally viable. Like old cell phones and other electronics, vibrators should not be thrown in the trash. If your toy is not battery/electric operated then you can throw it in the regular trash or recycling bin but I personally would save this as a final option. The recycling at Allegheny is more for pop cans or glass bottles and it might also be wholly uncomfortable for a recycling sorter to have to handle a used sex toy.

After perusing the internet for an option that saves the planet and personal embarrassment I found an option that is both discrete and environmentally friendly. There are now quite a few sites that specialize in the disposal of old sex toys. One option that I found was ScarletGirl is an online sex store with the option for users to send in their used toys (both electronic and manual) so that they can be recycled.

The steps are as follows:


1. Remove batteries.

2. Completely clean and dry your toy, inside and out. (Preferably with bleach)

3. Go to the ScarletGirl website so that you can print and fill of the recycling form.

4. Put your toy in a plastic bag and then package into a box with your form.

5. Address your box to the ScarletGirl post code, which can be found on the website, and post into the mail. Don’t worry about the mail room seeing your package; the postmark appears to be for a normal recycling center!

6. REAP THE BENEFITS! ScarletGirl rewards those who recycle with a $10 coupon for a purchase!


If you have any more questions, refer to the ScarletGirl website or ask a member of ReproCo!