Allegheny sports anything but mediocre


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Nov. 8, 2013


Allegheny College athletics has a long history of success on and off the playing field. As a founding member of the NCAA, our history with athletic competition runs deep and we pride ourselves on our history as a complete athletics program.

All of our teams, and all of our students athletes receive support for their endeavours.

Our teams are competitive in one of the toughest conferences in all of Division III, which last year saw two team national champions and hundreds of All Americans.

The North Coast Athletic Conference is one of the best conferences in the nation, and the Allegheny Gators are right there with them.

Over the past year, your Allegheny Gators saw a tremendous amount of success on and off the playing field. Some of these highlights include:

The women’s soccer team making it to the NCAC Championship game, which will be hosted this Saturday on our campus.

The Men’s Cross Country team finishing fifteenth at the National Championship Meet last year. Senior Bobby Over finished second individually.

The Men’s Tennis Team is currently ranked 20th in the region, with senior Patrick Cole and sophomore Tyler Triolo being ranked 10th in the region as a doubles team. The team was also a scholar-athlete award winning team, one of only two in our conference.

The Softball team was a NCAA Regional Finalist, as well as the NCAC champion.

Women’s and Men’s Golf both have been nationally ranked in the last year.

What we are trying to say is that while some of our teams have struggled in the last year, that does not mean that the Allegheny Athletics program is mediocre.

As a department, our student-athletes feel like we are competitive with every school in our conference, and can beat anybody.

While some of our teams have struggled, it is important to continue to support them because we know that sooner rather than later, they will be right back in the mix to win conference and national championships.

The term “student-athlete” has become so common that many people forget what the title really embraces.

Being a student-athlete is a privilege and something each and every one of us must earn.

While this word gives us the opportunity to represent our school in a sport and be challenged to accumulate wins each season, it is about much more than that.

It is about all of us being part of a bigger team.  We strive to support non-athletic events on campus just like we hope to see classmates support us at our events.

Win or lose, succeed or fail, athlete or Greek life member, RA or TA, we are all on one team: the Allegheny team.

We are not only student-athletes, we are also involved in many clubs and organizations around the campus.

Our athletes are involved with ASG, Greek Life, and everything else that Allegheny has to offer.

We challenge non-student athletes to be a part of Gator pride at the sporting events.

We hope that you can come and watch some of the great sporting events over the course of the remaining school year.

The people on the field are not simply student-athletes. They are your classmates and your friends.

They are members of your Greek organization, they are members of your club. They come from all walks of the Allegheny College campus, and take pride in our school, just like we know you do as well.

We look forward to seing you in the Wise Center, or at the Robertson Complex this year. The fall has already brought a tremendous amount of success for your Allegheny Gators, and we expect that trend to continue for the rest of the year.


Go Gators!
Allegheny Student Athlete Advisory Committee Executive Board

Anna Koebley

Patrick Cole

Sadie Stuart

Kevin Snyder

Leah Herlocker

Paul Vojtek

Christina Perez

Erica Bryson

Kellee Cribby

John Lichina

Sam Hyun