Letter to the Editor 11-18

Dear The Campus,

What the FUCK made you think it was okay to depict such vulgar language in the campus newspaper, particularly on the front page?
Correct your behavior!
There was an Admissions open house on Saturday, and dozens of prospective students and parents were on campus, many of whom had access to the campus newspaper.
It is misleading to portray the larger campus body as mannerless vulgarians.
That is not to say we should sugarcoat the college, but this is not how I want our community to be depicted or perceived.
There was a group of students who thought it was okay to wear t-shirts with crude language at a formal discussion.
I believe, because of this behavior, they are not worthy of the attention or respect of their fellow students.
This is true, especially in a situation in which, in my opinion, they received sympathy from the majority of the campus community.
There are right ways of going about doing things, and wrong ways.
Be an intelligent being, as I’m sure you are all, and make the correct judgement call.
A. Rahman