LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Students need to step outside the Allegheny bubble

Whoa there, you’ve got some opinionated Allegheny kids. All of you have like, opinions, man.

Awesome things to have, by the way.

Don’t just throw heavy opinions around without expecting other opinions. There are lots of ego flowing from these articles. What I see are lots of accusatory opinions trying to incite big issues rather than articles focused on addressing them. The subsequent responses does nothing for the cause. If you really have an issue with something, go big or go home. Opinion articles in The Campus these days are really nothing more but un-researched blog rants that garner predictable comments that lead to more tangential ego battles. Ho hum. Bloggr and Tumblr have way prettier layouts. Make sure your opinion articles meets the standards of a real newspaper op-editorial, and less like a passionate LiveJournal entry.

I sure enjoy life outside of the Campusphere.

Yun Amy Zhan
Class of 2011