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    UnOccupy AlleghenySep 21, 2012 at 8:28 pm

    Can’t say I’m convinced. Words ARE not enough. The “Occupiers” may be willing to “hang out” for a few days, but the reality is that REAL change can only come from within. An external force, like Occupy, can act as a catalyst…but nothing will EVER get done until Students are willing to make actual sacrifices for their rights. Personally, I hold ASG completely responsible for this. Their pathetic attempts to quell our anger have been nothing less than insulting. They claim to “represent the students”, but they’re actually just the puppet organization of the administrative elite.

    The ASG President/Cabinet is more concerned with padding their resumes than they are enacting real change. Why? Simple: they don’t want to upset mommy (Joe D.) and daddy (President Mullen) in Bentley Hall. ASG should be FIGHTING for the masses of Allegheny, not handing out money (OUR MONEY…by the way) and planning lame events. A true deliberative body should represent the best interests of the students, regardless of the effect it has on those who are representing. Like the Shadow Government in the UK, ASG needs to act as if THEY are leading the school. An organization is only as powerful as the respect it gives itself….and ASG is sorely lacking any sort of internal (or external) respect.

    This “government” made up of students is a microcosm for the bigger issue here: Allegheny students are comfortable in their quaint little surroundings. They yell and scream about how they want change, but are rarely willing to take any sort of actionable measure to complete it. We want diversity, but we teach largely liberal ideals.

    Guess what? The real world is harsh. The real world is cold. And ultimately, your little protests just make it harder for the people with an ACTUAL agenda to make a difference. By dramatically provoking the entire endeavor, you have turned the process of change into a circus. Let me ask you this, Occupiers: if things are so bad, why haven’t you left? If you don’t want to leave, why didn’t you run for ASG? If you didn’t get into ASG, why don’t you show up to meetings ever week? AND….IF you show up to meetings every week, why are you failing so miserably at creating the change you so desperately desire??

    It was a cute gesture for those students to protest outside of Bentley, really. But what has it accomplished? {insert cricket noise here}

    The blame goes three ways:
    1) To the students, for remaining largely ignorant to their ignorance.
    2) To the administration, for remaining locked-in to what has “worked” in the past
    3) To ASG, for failing in leadership on ALL levels. Truly, this organization is a mockery of democracy.

    • O

      Occupational HazardSep 22, 2012 at 2:16 am

      “If you didn’t feel represented, that’s no one’s fault but your own.”

      If you think ASG is the problem, you should run. Be the change that you want to see on campus. I think what was so great about “Occupy” was that it made an effort to discuss and understand before it jumped into action. “Occupy” was a chance for students not to heir grievances, but, a chance to inform and become informed about issues that were global and issues that are incredibly local. I think the problem with protests today is that they are far too exclusive. Why work on solving one thing in a group of semi-passionate people when you can choose to network many groups of incredibly passionate people not rallying under one banner (or one leader). I think that Occupy is only a first step and it shouldn’t be passed off because it hasn’t pigeon-holed itself into one niche issue.

    • A

      AmusedSep 28, 2012 at 12:37 pm

      Since you apparently have a much better understanding of ASG’s role than anyone else, what SPECIFICALLY would you like to see ASG do? Without legitimate suggestions, your words remain shallow and nothing short of whining.

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