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  • D

    DisbeliefSep 28, 2012 at 12:42 pm

    I’ll just say it.

    This editorial is a joke. Try logic over emotion. It’ll do wonders.

  • S

    Side Eyeing YouSep 13, 2012 at 4:16 am

    Is this article serious? Really? What does using a lowercase “i” here accomplish? Are you trying not to lord your “white privilege” over the the readers of color? How does disrespecting yourself help anyone?

    Also, it is entirely possible that not everyone knows Clay on this campus (in fact, it’s more than likely, sorry Clay!) so the person who made these drawings could have made any likeness accidental. You’re talking about “ignorance not being an excuse” and therefore implying we should call anyone who doesn’t know of Clay’s existence and fashion choices “ignorant.” But you know what’s shocking? The fact that Clay and this drawing don’t really look that similar. They’re both Black, yes… and they both seem to wear clothing. I’ll admit, these clothes look rather tight but, whoa, if you look at the other drawings it seems their clothes are all tight too!

    And then after this point I can’t really figure out what you’re trying to say. Or, well, I can, but I can’t believe you’re saying it. “…final line of the subsection even implies that ABC could contribute to black students having a mental meltdown.” You and I both read the final line as “Watch out, Allen — if you don’t cut back, you’re headed straight for a first-degree meltdown of the mental variety,” right? The fact that it’s saying that being in all these clubs at once (final count is around 4-6 potential activities) is, you know, kind of draining, what with Allegheny being such a difficult school and all. Is there some racist stereotype about black people not being able to handle so many clubs? You are aware that the article is saying “don’t do too many things or you’ll burn yourself out!” and not “black people tend to go crazy, so don’t do too many activities.” Yes, there IS a stereotype that black people can go crazy. I’m 100% with you on that. But… how is that even being implied here? This is a human being becoming stressed over a reasonable situation that they put themselves into because they enjoyed being involved a little too much.

    I wonder what you would have said if the artist had chosen a white person to wear the ABC shirt and become stressed? Perhaps the article would have been racist then because of “white washing.” Or, maybe, the article could have mentioned that ABC is for everyone? Oh, wait, the article wasn’t about ABC, it was just one of many clubs name dropped. Man, wouldn’t it have been easier if the person was white and ABC wasn’t mentioned? Then you could just be mad at The Campus for not including more people of color (a normally justified complaint)!

    But you know what makes racism go away? Stealing all the racist articles so no one can see! Then you could write this Letter to the Editor about an article no one else read so you can’t really be challenged in your views. Man, hiding things so no one is offended sure changes things. Oh, wait, that’s actually one of the biggest problems in defeating racism in this country; hiding it away so no one can see it so no one even thinks it’s there.

    Also, who do you mean by “We (as white people)”? Are you addressing the readership? Because you seem to be writing to The Campus staff throughout the article. Man, you’ve just made the unfortunate assumption that everyone on staff is white. Or that only white people can act in a racist manner towards Black people.

    That said, I thought it was a poorly written article.

  • A

    AlumSep 11, 2012 at 2:26 pm

    dude, seriously?, get out of fantasy land (also known as Allegheny College’s campus), and into the world. No harm was intended from the published article, however the society of over-reactors which we have become has enabled this incident to get much larger than it should have. I commend the campus for articles they have written in the past with a dwindling budget and staff numbers, and wish only the best of them into the future.

    Please Allegheny (as a collective community), grow stronger and not further apart, and experience the world outside of the structured and ‘safe’ environment of the college’s campus or related programs- I guarantee it will open everyone’s collective eyes and move the campus environment forward.

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