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  • S

    Steven JonesSep 23, 2011 at 1:09 am

    I like the article up until the last few bits. I mean, sure, plenty of people hated Truman for ending the war in Japan with the Nuclear bomb, and Roosevelt got the most hype and love for his speech on Pearl Harbor and taking on most of the war during his 3 terms. But Truman ended it.

    If you ask me what inspires a person in leadership, it is someone who sees their work to completion and does not get distracted, or make distractions from the initial goal. I respect Bush. He’s a great American and served his country in various ways. But the Navy Seal team and work of both his, and Obama’s administration arrived at the discovery and eventually killing America’s #1 enemy, and has refocused the original point of our war on terror.

    I’m not sure why you don’t feel safer, its pretty vague from the opinion article. But Obama has been the most open, viral President of the 21st century. Despite the innovations of the internet in Bush’s time, Obama is the first online President. It is pretty difficult to not call him a visible servant with all the work he has been doing to make himself open and connected to multiple mediums, not just the bully-pulpit of crisis.

  • C

    Craig HayesSep 21, 2011 at 4:39 pm

    I feel like this author just took the most absurd premise he could think of and proceeded to unearth a heaping pile of bullshit to support it.

  • E

    Evan Thomas WoodsSep 18, 2011 at 8:02 pm

    You don’t remember much from 9/11/01 or the events afterward, but you say that you do not feel safer than you did 10 years ago?  You must’ve been a particularly suspicious and/or politically-aware child who withdrew from the outside world following 9/11, or you are simply using a content-less trope that is pretty common among talking-heads.–*so what* if you feel safer/less-safe?

    Your penultimate paragraph makes it seen that you felt safer (at least in the abstract) when Mr. Bush was president because he was such a “publicly visible civil servant” whose decision to play that role and whose subsequent execution of it “cannot be matched”.  Are you really basing your feelings toward Mr. Bush and Mr. Obama on Mr. Bush’s (superior?) political theatre?

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