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    LOLWHUTFeb 26, 2011 at 3:55 pm

    Umm, Olivia Munn is NOWHERE near being a stand-up comic. She didn’t even write her own book. All she did on AoTS was read lines that she didn’t even understand off a teleprompter, deepthroat hot dogs, and let her frat boy co-host fondle her breasts. Oh yeah, and wear skimpy costumes while smearing whipped cream on her face and suggestively licking it off. HILARIOUS! Except not. AND she’s beyond worthless on the Daily Show, something that even Jon Stewart must have realized right around the time he had to coach her through her bit *as they were filming*! How deliciously embarrassing for the both of them. Maybe someday someone will write an article about how the few women who are allowed onscreen at the Daily Show are all getting stuffed by a man who works there. I wonder which one got to do Olivia?

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