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‘Mr. Sunshine’ overcast

February 25, 2011

never watched "Friends," the hallmark sitcom of the 90s that forced on us—ahem, introduced us to—the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry and Courtney Cox. So maybe I’m missing what is undoubtedly the biggest appea...

‘Couples’ breaks up network’s primetime mojo

February 18, 2011

I don’t get it, NBC. You have a Thursday night comedy line-up that has competing networks drooling. "30 Rock," "Parks & Recreation," "The Office" and "Community" are all keeping your ratings high. Why tarnish your golden reputatio...

‘Morning Glory’ saved by McAdams

November 18, 2010

Reviewed by: EMMA HUDSON [email protected] “Morning Glory,” may be an ordinary romantic comedy, but its shining hope is in its star Rachel McAdams, who succeeds not only in her journalistic ambitions as Becky Fuller,...

'American' shows its shooting star

September 15, 2010

Star power does powerful things. For instance, “The American” is not the type of movie that usually comes to Meadville. The fact that this film, directed by Anton Corbijn, opened nationwide is a testament to its star power. George Clo...

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