Slur in dormitory prompts investigation


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The Dean of Students office is conducting an investigation after an unknown person marked a student’s door with the word “faggot” late last Friday night.

The office has refused to release any additional information on the incident and the investigation.

The victim, who lives in Walker Hall, discovered the graffiti after leaving his room on Friday.

There was no direct cause leading up to the incident, according to Joseph DiChristina, dean of students.

“As far as we know, the slur put on someone’s door was not provoked,” said DiChristina. “There was not an altercation.”

According to an agreement between the college and the Meadville Police Department, the responsibility of an initial report falls on Allegheny’s security office.

“If somehow we’re able to assess who might have been involved with this […] we could report it to the police department,” DiChristina said. “But at this stage, it’s the responsibility of Safety and Security.”

DiChristina stated that the priorities of Safety of Security and the Dean of Students offices at this point are making sure that a report has been made and that the student regains a sense of comfort.

When reached on Wednesday, DiChristina refused to comment further, stating that “there’s a student to work with and there’s privacies to pay attention to” and suggesting to call back in a week.

President James Mullen is aware of the incident, but does not plan to release an official statement or take action until the investigation is complete.

“Sadly there are going to be people who are going to do bad things, and we have to deal with those things,” said Mullen. “We’re never going to get to a perfect place.”

He stated that once the investigation is complete, the administration will act “in a way that reflects our values and in a way that reflects also that there’s accountability for one’s actions.”

The Dean of the College’s office deferred comment to DiChristina.

Queers and Allies released this statement to The Campus following the incident: “Queers and Allies will continue to uphold the Statement of Community, part of which emphasizes a ‘setting that values diversity, trust and equality.’ Especially in situations such as this, when the trust and equality of individuals is violated, Queers and Allies will unceasingly maintain a supportive, affirmative, and confidential environment for all LGBTQ students, faculty, staff, and their allies. We encourage any persons who feel anxious or fearful on campus to contact Kazi Joshua of Residence Life, the Office of Safety & Security, and/or Safe Zone certified faculty and staff.”

Allegheny faculty offered similar messages of support.

“I do know that minority students, some not all, are concerned about the event and we are working with them very closely to make sure that one, they are safe and two, that they have the stability, that they feel they have the climate that is conducive to getting them through this process,” said Dr. Lawrence Potter, Allegheny’s chief diversity officer.

Those concerned for their safety or well-being are urged to contact Associate Dean of Students for Wellness Education Jacquie Kondrot (814-332-4356), Assistant Dean of Students for Residence Life Kazi Joshua (814-332-3865) or any Safe Zone trained professor.