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    ESDec 5, 2010 at 2:57 pm

    I believe this article purposely lacks synthesis of ideas or is ignorant to them. For instance, although Allegheny has a center for service, multiple clubs and social aspects nobody has time to be in all the organizations that amount to all the Greek Life encapsulates. Greek life is different and worthwhile because it is the only network that allows service, alumni relations, and social aspects with other groups all at once, instead of belonging to multiple organizations. Once you join the Greek community you are \ bound together with not only your sorority or fraternity but the whole Greek community. As for Greek life being exclusive and causing more bad than good. I would say the worst thing we do is wake you up at 9:00 twice a year from chanting for run out day. How is a group that consumes 27% of campus exclusive? What other arrangement of people can say that is has such a large following. Any person can rush a fraternity or go through formal recruitment for sororities. There are far more exclusive groups such as Greek Honors Societies that have many more perquisites for membership. Finally, the use of “global ramifications” is a low blow. There are few less organizations that do good for our world than to bad on this campus. Most organizations are in the middle and do nothing. During run out day last spring Greek life attempted to devise a plan to help people in Haiti. That has a positive global affect. This semester my organization was contacted by alumni in efforts to go to El Salvador to work with children, building homes and orphanages. That for sure is a positive global ramification of Greek life. Also, the college annually has held a Greek Leadership Conference coordinating Greek Life with the 10 year plan of the college. Clearly the administration believes we have something to offer. The Greek Life community welcomes you. Come to our events. Hang out with us. We are multifaceted and a benefit to this community and beyond.

    • S

      Sam FinderDec 6, 2010 at 12:01 am

      Thank you for your comment! I appreciate the thought you put into this and concede that you made some very good points. For example, I cannot argue with the fact that Greek life is THE BEST way of organizing people on campus, especially to do good for our world. If I could I have my way, ALL groups on campus would be required to have some sort of service component. What if we could get from 27% of the campus involved in service projects to 80% or 90%… that would be great! Also, the point that Greek life being “the only network that allows service, alumni relations, and social aspects with other groups all at once” is well made. That was not something I had considered! At the same time though, why must there be ten such organizations? And why must a distinction be made between men and women? It would be adequate to have a single group that offers all these, would it not? I believe that my point about divisions still applies here. At the time, I’ll admit that I am biased against Greek organizations because my personal experience. Your experience seems to have been much different, and I hope that it continues to impact the campus and the world in positive ways!

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