Be yourself, be Allegheny

One of us wants to move to Greece to write about the country she loves.

One of us wants to jump in the trenches in Afghanistan and dodge mines to report on the war.

One of us wants to share the French countryside to the rest of the world through her writing.

One of us wants to live on a sheep farm while writing mind–bending screenplays.

One of us wants to cover obscure sports at all reaches of the globe, and one of us wants to follow the President’s every move.

Some of us want to write when we grow up, but some of us just want to be a botanist or travel and take pictures or volunteer in developing countries.

One of us wants to be a blue pig.

Despite all our different aspirations, likes and dislikes, talents and flaws, we work together every week to put out a cohesive paper for the entire college community. We lock ourselves in a small room for eight hours on end and write and argue and edit and design. And when we emerge, we’re still that disparate bunch, but we’ve created something we all can call our own.

So this week, The Campus offers you this advice: Be Allegheny. Let go of your differences in whatever ways you can, and come together for a common goal.

Even if your roommate is the messiest person ever and you rival Mr. Clean; even if your lab partner hates your perfume and you hate his fitted caps; even if you love the Pens and she roots for the Blackhawks –– put it all aside for a second and find some way to fulfill our school’s slogan, “We are Allegheny.”

This school is filled with 2,100 aspiring writers, artists, musicians, doctors, adventurers, diplomats, scientists and even blue pigs. Don’t let any of that obscure the fact that we’re all together in Meadville, on this campus, taking classes and building a community together.

Someday, you, the diplomat, may need to call on your old roommate, the blue pig, to solve a dispute.

And maybe if you can really get over your differences, and if you really work hard enough, you could create a newspaper just like this.