Update from the News Desk 2 (ASG edition)

On Tuesday, Jan. 26, ASG held their first Senate meeting of the new year. The following is brief commentary on what occurred. Full stories on the main points of discussion will follow next week.

1. The Class of 2011 is putting together a trip to see Rent and is also parlaying it into a Haiti fundraiser opportunity.

2. The ASG presidential election candidacy declaration forms are due on Friday, Feb. 5th. Full story here.

3. Stephanie Albert, ’10, is the new Director of Public Relations following Audra Sinclair, ’10, stepping down.

4. The Loop now stops at Allegheny Commons. The text system will be updated to reflect this change.

5. ASG has announced that Winterfest will occur soon. They are looking to have laser-tag on the Wise Center blue courts. Full story coming next week.

6. The M.E.C. is close to publicly announcing their booking for the spring concert.

7. Room draw system will be revamped. Joe Hall, the director of residence life, will be at the ASG meeting next week to discuss the issues and provide a run down. Full story coming next week.

8. There will be a showing of Planet Earth in GFC every Wednesday in February.

9. Allegheny is entering Recyclemania. Contest is made up of colleges all across the nation who try to recycle the most.

10. Loop ridership is up this year.

11. There has been a change in Latin Honors – students have been approaching ASG representatives wondering why the change was made. Story from Allegheny here.

12. There was a concern brought up by a representative as to why it takes Allegheny so long to post grades. Cabinet did not have an explanation, but will look into it.

Information about the Allegheny Student Government can be found on their Web site.

Their next meeting is Tuesday, Feb. 2nd on the third floor of the Campus Center.

Questions, comments or concerns should be directed to the comments section.