Media Coverage of Tiger Woods Becoming Overkill

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This is a kind request for the media to back off Tiger Woods.  Tiger is the best and most recognizable athlete on the planet, not another news headline.

On Tuesday the Florida Highway Patrol gave him a $164 fine and four points on his license for reckless driving and then closed the case.  The media needs to follow suit.

The state of Florida and I have concluded that alcohol was not involved in the accident and there was no domestic violence tied to the incident.  The woman Tiger was supposedly cheating with has vehemently denied any indication of an affair.

There is nothing to this story, so why are we still hearing about this?  What does the media have against Tiger Woods?

I understand that some parts of his accident seem suspicious.  He crashed at 2:30 a.m. on Friday.  But why should Tiger be judged for where he was going at that time?

The media should have been more concerned with crazy people nationwide camping outside Targets and Best Buys for Black Friday.

Why does it matter that he crashed in the first place?  I hit the garbage cans at the end of my driveway on a regular basis, and Tiger just so happened to hit a tree and fire hydrant.

This story is a game for the media, as Tiger is a rarely attacked celebrity that the media has yet to crack.  His squeaky clean, closely controlled image has made him the first athlete in history to make a billion dollars.

The media wants a piece of him because they have never been able to take a bite out of Team Tiger before.  Tiger’s yacht is named Privacy, and he is famous for refusing to comment about his personal life in golf press conferences.

The sports media is already too picky about his golf game. This seems like a ridiculous statement considering he is the best human being to ever touch a golf club, but it’s true.

I once talked to a golf journalist who sat in an interview room at a major championship and listened while an idiot reporter asked Tiger what color shirt and pants he would wear the next day (for the record, purple shirt, black pants).

Tiger is entitled to his privacy, and he has made it clear he will not comment on the issue.

I’m tired of hearing about this, and I’m tired of having to consume a biased, dramatic and unfair media every single day.

Although Team Tiger has yet to comment on the extent of the facial lacerations suffered in the accident,  I will be deeply disappointed if the media permanently scars his billion-dollar image.