Admitted Students Day brings new faces to campus

Allegheny College welcomed prospective students and their guests onto campus on Monday, Feb. 20, for the college’s first Admitted Students Day of the semester.

The invited students, should they matriculate at Allegheny, will be members of the class of 2027.

“I’m glad I decided to come here today,” said Connor Murphy, an admitted student looking to pursue a degree in biology. “Seeing what the college has to offer has been a blast, especially seeing the student success area and what is available for me to do as a student here.”

The college offered a variety of activities and resources for students to get a feel for campus life, featuring a chance to explore the campus with specialty tours for first-time and returning visitors. Students were also able to integrate into a faculty member’s classroom to experience academics and talk with the residential life team about any lurking questions.

Through the Enrichment Program, an initiative where high school students are invited on select Fridays to attend specialized lectures at Allegheny, Lauren Pelk has had opportunities to take part in some of the college classes before admissions day.

“I live close to the college so I was able to come here and a professor taught us a topic of our own choice,” Pelk said. “My impression of Allegheny is that it is a good college and close to home so definitely made it a viable option.”

Financial Aid was available in the Tippie Alumni Center for the duration of Admitted Students Day to handle any questions prospective students might have, ensuring that students have options to finance their education at Allegheny.

“In situations where students are not able to afford the tuition, there is a general review process set in place as well as possible increase to aid comparing our package to the packages from other institutions,” said Jade Allen, a financial aid counselor at Allegheny.

The Commitment to Access Program offers Pennsylvania residents whose family’s income is $50,000 or less a package with tuition fully covered at Allegheny.

“If it’s something outside of the FAFSA, we can work with the students and see where we could help,” Allen said. “If there are changes in their financial status from the year of the FAFSA and the current year, adjustments can be made to see if we could somehow increase their aid.”

Campus tours were held all throughout the day, helping guests get a sense of the campus and learn some of the history behind Allegheny’s walls.

“I didn’t know the campus was that old,” said Liam Palmer, a prospective student interested in becoming an economics major. “Touring the different buildings, I could see how the college grew.”

The weather was favorable on Admitted Students Day, allowing visitors to enjoy the day without the unpredictable temperature fluctuations common in Meadville.

“I liked the idea of a small college, Allegheny was just a name I heard here and there so I decided to give it some attention and here we are,” Palmer said. “Coming here today, I got to see what the campus is about and how nice it looks. Talking with my potential professors and classmates also answered questions I had about the school such as which supplementary courses are recommended for my major.”

For Murphy, it was nice to get on campus and actually see what was offered at the college.

“There’s more to Allegheny than what’s on the website,” Murphy said.