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  • S

    SamanthaSep 19, 2010 at 9:40 pm

    The majority of Founding Fathers were athiests and Deists–the Constitution was founded on Enlightenment principles. Just. Saying.

  • J

    JaneJun 29, 2010 at 12:09 pm

    I would disagree on that last comment in that just because the majority of the small group of founders of this nation were Christian, we should somehow “revert to our Christian roots”. The population has obviously expanded and changed; why should we cater to the characteristics of a generation that no longer exists rather than the vastly different one that exists now? Remember that those founders, though Christian themselves and amongst mostly fellow Christians, took care to allow for freedom of religion even back then. They allowed for changes to be made and powers to be inferred as the country evolved to need it. Even they knew that it would be foolish to stick so fervently to the opinions of a single group of people of a single generation. Yes, they founded our country and helped create what we have today. But today, it’s ours, and why should their personal religious preferences and opinions still matter to our contemporary government?

  • R

    Rick HughesJun 1, 2010 at 7:40 am

    As a graduate of Allegheny in 1992, I enjoyed the bounties of the Regan-era economic boom – something that wasn’t seen before in history and we certainly aren’t seeing it now. The TEA parties are not about hysteria, but about reigning in our unsustainable debt. With congress adding to our debt at every turn, your grandchildren will be paying for your enjoy the social programs of today.

    The TEA parties are about smaller government – no government health care, schooling, retirement, etc. The government, as prescribed by the constitution, has a VERY limited role – protection of the country (Army, Navy, Air Force – and an over whelming one so no one messes with us!), regulating intra-state commerce (yes federal highways are part of this – keep them open and free, and regulating standards of quality for food being transported between states), and establishing treaties with other countries (there may be one or two more, but this is the gist). No where is the federal government supposed to run our lives – telling us what doctor to use, how to retire, how much money is too much, even dictating what is taught in schools (although a standard test based on English, Math, government, and history – to include our founding as a Christian nation). This is where the TEA party is trying to encourage our current elected officials and the ones that will be elected in November. We do need to return back to the “conservative” approach of the constitution. Let the government do only what the Government should do (and this is limited) and the private sector do the rest. The government, however, is trying to take over.

    The original TEA parties were all about paying too many taxes, a government trying to tax every aspect of life. Know your history and know your issues. I suggest read up on why this is a Christian nation – that George Washington was a Christian who prayed constantly, that 52 of the 55 signers of the constitution (or declaration of independence – I can’t remember right now) were orthodox Christians. Then comment on the TEA party.

  • K

    KTullochApr 29, 2010 at 6:12 pm


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  • V

    Venita VanlandinghamApr 29, 2010 at 1:03 pm

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